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The Don’ts of Painting a Home!

Painting a home? Well, it is surely going to give your home the facelift that it needs. A new shade or a coat of paint is the best present you could gift to your sweet little home. And we all know how these different colours leave a deep impact on your mood and even on the ambience of the home. That is why you always read about what to do and how to paint your house. But have you ever heard or read about what you shouldn’t do or shouldn’t paint your house with?

Things you shouldn’t do while painting a house!

They say, half knowledge is total ignorance. Like, while painting your home, if you know the right strokes and techniques of paint, then it’s a great achievement. But if you aren’t aware of how to paint the different types of areas in the place, then you are obviously going to create blunders. Keeping in mind such drastic losses, we have listed below what you shouldn’t do while painting your house.

  • Don’t try DIY painting in your new home

If you don’t have the right knowledge, techniques, and the experience about the same, then you are going to drain lots of money because of it and even waste your time. Well, we all know the result of it would certainly be an ugly appearance of the place. Instead, you should always call good house painters in Auckland from Ayda Painting & Plastering who are extremely professional, experienced, and the best one around for the job.

  • Don’t compromise with the quality of the paint

Most of the time, you pick up a very good shade for your home but it turns out to be extremely dull when you paint with it on the walls. The reason for this could be that you picked up a very low-quality paint which ultimately spoils the entire game for you. Remember, you don’t paint your home every day and this mistake can cost you the labour charges that you spent for it, the beauty of your home, and the longevity of the project (early fading means repainting soon! Waste of money, right?)

  • Don’t be too matching, matching

Playing matching matching in your home has some drastic effects on your decor. Instead, accept and embrace the contrast and shaded effect in your home to make it look more charismatic and pleasant.

  • Never miss the important steps of painting

Whether you are doing it yourself or calling the experts, there are some important steps that go in painting for the best outcome. Like, you shouldn’t miss the tapes before you start the painting, priming the walls is also very essential and couldn’t be ignored at any cost. You shouldn’t also ignore the need to clean the walls before you start the work on them and don’t hurry too much to apply the second coat on the walls.

These are the list of important not to do things when you are painting your house. Ensure that you keep away from these mistakes if you want to enjoy a beautifully painted home for years to come. 


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