Go Green: 9 Beautiful Ways To Inject Green Into Your Home Design
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Go Green: 9 Beautiful Ways To Inject Green Into Your Home Design

Nothing beats neutral hues if you’re looking for a timeless and versatile home color palette. You can effortlessly match them with any color imaginable. Curating design styles out of various unique pieces is also easier when you have a classic, neutral palette. But have you ever considered trying out a shade that’s not in the spectrum of browns, whites, and grays? 

If you’re looking for a shade that goes well with multiple hues, take inspiration from nature: go green. 

There’s a reason why green lies in the center of the rainbow: green is a balanced color. It’s neither warm (red, orange, yellow) or cool (blue, indigo, purple). It’s a calming hue that has a balancing and harmonizing effect. And yes, it works perfectly with various hues. I bet you can’t name a vibrant flower or fruit that looks awful against its green stem and leaves. 

If you’re thinking of using green as a base hue for your future home design projects, check out these 9 decorating tips. 

1. Punch up your space using these winner color combos 

We get it – green is versatile. However, there are a few hues that fuse seamlessly with green the same way peanut butter blends perfectly with jelly. 

Here are a few recommendations: 

  • Emerald + Peach/Coral/Copper
  • Mint Green + Purple
  • Hunter Green + Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Seafoam Green/ Soft Green + Cream/Beige/Gray
  • Jade + Jewel tones
  • Green + Neutrals 
  • Green + White

2. Mix different shades of green

Different shades of green play well together. Mix muted tones, pastels, bright hues, and deep tones for a beautiful contrasting monochromatic scheme. For instance, your kitchen may have an avocado green open shelving, emerald backsplash, and a mismatched group of bar stools that are all in the shades of green. Create some balance by mixing them with crisp white and beige details. 

3. Fill your home with a couple of plants

This living room in one of the display homes in Sydney proves that there’s no better way to incorporate green in your interior design than displaying fresh plants. Whether it’s as apparent as a hanging plant and a massive indoor plant, or as humble as a potted succulent table centerpiece, the presence of plants can surely give life to your space.

4. Decorate with earthy details

You can never go wrong with green hues and earthy textures. Name them – wood, bamboo, rattan, and natural fibers like jute and sisal. Green decorative accents stand out when paired with soft cream hues, charcoal grays, and brown tones, especially if they’re natural elements. 

5. Punch up your space with a green accent wall

If you’re not fully committed to painting the entire house green, a single green accent wall can make a difference. You can paint the wall from floor to ceiling with a classic solid color of your choice or be a little more playful with trendy patterned wallpapers. For kitchens and bathrooms, you may also consider green tiles. 

Whether it’s a geometric pattern or a nature-inspired leaf pattern, they work well to bring visual interest and character to your space. 

6. Paint the cabinets, closets, and shelves

Call the best home builders in town and let them revamp your boring space by repainting your cabinets, closets, and shelves. Whether it’s painted with a deep green hue like hunter green, or something light and muted like sage, green storage units truly pack a punch against crisp white walls. 

7. Go bold with a green statement furniture

Give your space a unique character by displaying statement furniture pieces that draw the eye. It can be a bright green sofa, a green side table, an eye-catching pendant light or chandelier, and a group of green dining chairs, which stand out beautifully against white walls and the ensemble of neutral decors. 

8. Adorn your home with green home accessories and art

If you love green hues but prefer a neutral palette on your walls, you can inject it into your decor through various home accessories and art. 

Adorn your shelves with green pots, vases, and ceramics, frames, candles, and figurines. Display art pieces dominated by the color green, like landscape and floral paintings. Fill your couch with a bunch of green throw pillows in different designs. Punch up your space with green curtains and area rugs. 

Incorporate contrast by mixing solid colors with patterned ones, and placing light and dark ones next to each other. 

9. Bring the outside in 

Do you have a lush garden? How about a picturesque view on your front lawn? One of the best ways to inject green into your space is by bringing the outdoors in to blur the lines between your interior and exterior space. This works by investing in large glass windows, sliding doors, or french doors so you can take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of NSW’s most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney. She loves looking out for new home décor trends and writing articles focused on real estate and interior design. 

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