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Things to look out for when viewing a property

Having your own house is everyone’s dream, and it is the toughest task to do. Can foreigners buy property in B17 Islamabad? Checking the authenticity of the home or property is not a task of hours, it takes a month or year to build a blind eye trust in someone. Because when you are buying a home or property, you’re spending your whole life saving, especially the retired people. In this case, having authentic dealers is one of the major tasks to look at all the essential factors and make the right decision.

In this blog, we will tell you about the things that you must consider when you visit any property to buy.

 Front View & Aspect: 

The first impression is the last. Considering the outer look of the home it must be neat & clean, with peeling wallpaper, dark patches, blistering paint, no extra shrubs and grass at the door of your home. The rear garden must be on the south side facing the sunshine, maximum daylight entered into the home. Because the garden which faces the North has blocked sunshine, the ventilation system must be proper for the air crossing. 

 There will be no dampness in the home that can be sensed by the musty smell, and it can also cause many health issues. There will be no fungal decay or woodworm in the wood cabinets. The double-glazed glass wall is used for sunlight harvesting to reduce the use of energy resources.

The plumbing must be up to scratch, water pressure will be okay, no leaking pipes. One of the foremost things is to check the cupboard under the skin. They must be dry and warm showers. The Garden must be clean and presentable.


Privacy and security are the foremost thing to check. People like to have property in a gated community. When you visit the property ask about the area from the people living there for a long time and do research about the area. The Cloud Services introduced their new project cloud tower-1 in which they take care of privacy and security a lot. For more information visit: www.cloudtower1.com.pk.

 Size of the Rooms:

 The room size must be large enough that all of your furniture can be easily adjusted there. It must be of considerable size. When you are visiting the property, have the measuring tape with you. And, most of the time the sellers place some of the small furniture into the room to make it lo0o0k large. Don’t fall for this scam. Can foreigners buy property in B17 Islamabad? The answer is Yes. They can buy the property for an investment purpose and can also settle there or live when they come on vacation. 


When you visit the property, you must check the location and choose the perfect one that is near to all of the basic needs of localities like schools, hospitals, colleges, parks, markets, etc. Not only the location of the home is important but also the neighbours living near your home, especially the next door. The area you choose must have peace and low crime rates. The MPCHS Islamabad is the best society to buy a property for sale in Islamabad. The High-Rise buildings provide scenic views of the Margalla hills. 


Check the development potential in that area. A high return on investment is the key if you are buying a home for an investment purpose. Are there any loft conversions and extensions? That means you are allowed to modify the property, like you want to extend the wall to make a kitchen diner and many more. 

The structure of the building is sturdy, no joints will be in the wall or the cracks. Visiting a property is essential to check whether it is a standard property or not.  


Gas, water, and electricity are the basic needs of everyone. When you visit a property you must ask for the proper connection between these three. Check if the fridge, oven, and stove is working or not. Rates of electricity are increasing day by day; it is compulsory to check the general bills of that society.

 Mobile Network: 

In many large societies, building the internet or mobile connection is one of the biggest issues. Whenever you buy a property, you must take out your mobile phone from your pocket and check out the internet connection. Everything is advanced now, and the internet has become a global village and it’s everyone’s need.

 Energy Efficient:

Constructing a smart building is a new concept for builders nowadays. Due to the enhancement in technology, people need anything in their hand, the control of AC, fan, light, etc. Using the technology glass walls are introduced that allow the entrance of light just to enter into the building, not the warmness and coldness. This will reduce the use of electricity. Energy-efficient buildings are the major concern of overseas/foreign investors, that is what the Cloud Tower is. Don’t wait and book your Apartment.


Most people when visiting the home to buy always left the roof. Don’t do this, check all the missing or displaced tiles, and the leaky gutters. The maintenance of these required a lot of charges and it’s an expensive job. Mainly the people make the roof with low-quality material. Ask about each and everything that they are offering to you. Furniture? Curtains? Maintenance? 


The place where you are buying a home must be far from the industries and factories. Because the noise produced by the machinery and the waste coming out from these factories is not good for the health. Noise disturbs the peace and calmness of the place.  

 I hope the question from where we start is, can foreigners buy property in B17 Islamabad? Is now clear to you. What are the main things to consider before investing in any project? If all of the things are okay then go ahead, live a splendid life, and enjoy nature’s beauty.

The Cloud Services:

Construction has been our core business for past many years, however the evolution of our business has differentiated us beyond just what we do. The Cloud Services is a Property Development Company, aiming to deliver affordable homes and properties for all classes of people living in Pakistan. Our key differentiation is innovation in our projects through the Energy Efficient technologies introduced by the best of the civil Engineers and Unique designs made by spending more man hours on Planning and Designing.

The Cloud Services is fast becoming a specialist in providing western style living options here in Pakistan with the use of premium quality material that is a signature of the services we are providing. We believe in providing quality work to our customers that speaks for itself.

The Cloud Services’ Way

‘The Cloud Services’ culture is evident in the way we behave, honour our commitments and collaborate with all stakeholders – clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and work colleagues. Professionalism, competence, integrity and enjoying what we do are the foundations of the culture. We know our business and we believe in ourselves.

Building a successful project is contingent on the company’s management capabilities to perform the work and is always based on client satisfaction. Continuously building quality projects requires a company-wide mindset that unites all team members behind one main purpose ‘Building Excellence’.

At ‘The Cloud Services’, we believe that integrity and high performance standards must come from the top. This is why, senior executives are involved in all projects from day one and stay involved until the final closeout. Our team works with the clients, construction team, designers and engineers, with the detail that only specialists can provide, to plan, budget and schedule every aspect of the project.

Once construction begins, sound management skills, seasoned field supervision and sophisticated computer management technologies work together with the competent subcontractors and suppliers to keep the project on track. The result is a quality facility that is complete when promised, as promised

 Thanks for reading!



Cloud Services

Cloud Services is the top leading Islamabad real estate company. We complete already many projects but now we going to Pre Launch our new Project with the name of Cloud Tower-1. Cloud tower-1 is the 7th tallest Apartment Building in Islamabad. Here we going to Provide apartments for sale in Islamabad on installments. Its a best investment for future or for dream home. Come first get first. for more contact +92 340 311 3333.

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