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Tokyo Street Cuisine that will Tingle your Taste Buds Instantly

Tokyo is much more than just Sushi. Hence, today we will introduce you to a whole new world of Tokyo's street food. 

Although Tokyo boasts its smattering Mechlin stars and expensive restaurants, it is implausible to miss the humble street food shops all around the city. Think of the city, and you’ll envisage ancient well-maintained architectures, Buddhist temples, cherry blossoms, colorful flashing signs, and weird and wonderful anime. And when you think of Tokyo for food, all you can envisage is Sushi on a plate. However, Tokyo is much more than just Sushi. Hence, today we will introduce you to a whole new world of Tokyo’s street food. 

One day, when you plan to visit Tokyo, do remember to add these street dishes in your food itinerary and book your American Airlines reservations on time. Let’s see which amazing dishes are there in the list. 

Tokyo Street Food

  • Tamagoyaki

The literal translation of Tamagoyaki is a grilled egg that is served in Tokyo by rolling several layers of Omelet in a rectangular frying pan. It is served in a stick; however, Tamagoyaki is not just a regular omelet we have; it is an egg-ceptionally fluffy, rectangular-shaped, and is served as sunny-side-up. For people who want to have the best Tamagoyaki in Tokyo, visit Marutake in Tsukiji’s Jōgai, outer market. It is an excellent place to commence food tasting in Tokyo. 

  • Dorayaki

It isn’t hard to guess why Dorayaki is rated as the top grab-n-go snack for most localities and tourists. The fist-sized snack is a soft, fluffy sponge cake sandwiched around red bean paste, sometimes mixed with custard, fresh fruits, chestnuts, or cream. You can find the traditional sponge cake at Usagiya, who’s said to develop the UFO-shaped cake.

  • Takoyaki

Well, it will be profoundly stupid to visit Tokyo and not treat yourself with some of their yummy street food, including Takoyaki, which translates to ‘Octopus fried.’ However, if you learn about the stuffing, it contains you would agree with me when I say ‘Octopus fried’ is not even the right word to start with. Takoyaki is balls of batter that are filled with Octopus and Tempura pieces, green onion, ginger, etc. It is cooked in the fryer, which is later finished with fish shavings and savory sauces. The dish is not hard to find in Tokyo, but the best place to start with is Ginza Fukuyoshi. 

  • Ramen

You might be thinking why I have selected Ramen for this post. Everyone here has tasted Ramen once in their lifetime; however, you have to taste Ramen served in Japan to know, particularly at Menya Musashi. They offer Ramen with plump pieces of well-marinated pork belly and a soup wherein you dip the noodle into the broth. Well, the unique experience goes beyond words. The joint is always crowded not by tourists, but with localities, which is sufficient to explain the joint’s authenticity. 

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