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Top 4 Mistakes When Creating Title Tags

When writing great content for SEO purposes you should keep in mind the importance of a post title or a page. A great title can have a great impact on your SEO, CTR and the user experience. Title tags are very important for on-page SEO – especially in terms of click-through rate and focus keyword optimization.

In HTML view, the title tag is the code that determines the SERP appearance of a website. So create a powerful title tags.

In this article, we’ll look at how to optimize SEO title tags and how to write better engaging titles.

What is a title tag?

The title tag is an HTML element, which can help to identify what the page title is. It is displays as a headline in search engine results, when sharing on social media, and in your browsers tab. It’s a great idea to check how your title looks in the browser tab.

  1. Nobody likes a spammer                                                        Spammy titles are filled with keywords, it’s important for Google have a clear idea of what your web page is about. But filling your title tag with keywords is very interesting. If people want to click on it, you need to stimulate their interests.

For example, say you offer something service online without mentioning your title tag. People don’t want to click on it because you don’t explain anything about the information you provide. At the same time, sell your web-page with reader-friendly titles. Now that readers want to click, it becomes clear what kind of service you’re offering.

  1. Dragging on

Title tags must be between 50 and 65 characters long. That means it should not be too longer or too shorter.

If your title tag runs over an allotted number of characters, it’ll be truncated in the search result presentation. This means that the searchers aren’t seeing all the information you provide. And they won’t notice your web page. So, snappy, concise titles are needed to attract the reader’s attention.

No one will ever read the long and complicated title tag. On the other hand, a too short title tag doesn’t accurately reflect the information in the article. So write titles in the right way to attract web users to click on your link.

  1. Aggressive Advertising

You should always be compatible with your title tag to convince people who click on it. These have to do with catchy words and subtly credible marketing techniques.

Don’t try to attract consumers to your article using capital letters and excessive inflammatory punctuation. This effort is unnecessary and it’ll give an amateur feel to your piece. Yes, people notice your article. It may seem confusing, obnoxious and immature. Don’t do that.

  1. Keyword cannibalization

This problem is often arises on single page landing pages. With insufficient space for internal linking, SEOs tend to pack competitive keywords into the title. People are often searching for things like 4K LED TV and PC monitors. The site will not rank high for any of the keywords, as the competing keywords split the ranking capability.

You can fix this by selecting the most important keyword that you want to optimize for based on the content. And also you can include it in the title. You can also split the landing page to two and create unique titles.


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