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Top trending ideas for the dissertation based on global current affairs

Top trending topics for your current global affairs dissertation include Occupational injuries in Pakistan, the Indian Judicial System, and the Cold War and its aftermath. You can also write about the European Union’s draft foreign policy keeping Germany in mind. Here are some top trending ideas to inspire you:

Occupational injuries in Pakistan

The study analyses occupational injuries in Pakistan in disaggregated terms. It considers the trend and the Index Value Calculation (IVC) estimates of OIW in Pakistan. Data was collected from 2001 to 2018, and the study gauged the trend based on related indicators. Factors such as industry division, age, and gender were considered. It has also shown that the rate of occupational injuries has been increasing over time.

The injury burden in Pakistan has been comparable to regional and national estimates. In 2008, the estimated population of Pakistan was 1.4 million. Of this number, 850 000 or more were children. Yet the issue of falls and prevention of falls has not been addressed. The data show that fall-related injuries are particularly severe in the working population, and these statistics suggest that we must do more to prevent them. This report is based on cross-sectional population surveys.

The survey also identifies the groups most at risk for injuries. The survey findings suggest that vendors and workers are more prone to falls. These groups fall into the lower socioeconomic strata, so it is important to consider their conclusions for future policy-making. The majority of the injured people are male, aged 15 to 44. They are also the breadwinners of lower-income households.

Various aspects of the survey have been considered when estimating the incidence of fall-related injuries in Pakistan. The study examined the prevalence of these injuries by occupation and found that students, workers and farmers are more prone to fall-related injuries than the unemployed. Moreover, students, farmers, and vendors had significantly higher fall-related injuries than the unemployed. Consequently, it is imperative to consider these factors when designing policy to reduce the incidence of these injuries in Pakistan.

Modernist architecture in the USSR

The Bauhaus and De Stijl movements of the early twentieth century are trending ideas for the dissertation topics on Modernist architecture in the USSR. These movements combined technological innovation with Russian Futurist influence to create stylistically abstract geometric masses. These styles fell out of favour in the early 1930s. Examples of notable constructivist architects include Vladimir Tatlin and El Lissitzky. The latter is most famous for his unbuilt works.

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Cold War and aftermath of the war

The Cold Wars resulted from the World Wars, which disrupted the balance of power across several regions. This war impacted the structure of the international system and its military and national security policies, and the Cold War’s consequences still resonate today. The Cold War affected all aspects of post-war life, from the technological advancements of the time to the nature of global politics.

The Cold Wars were a major cause of the distribution of authority in the world, and their aftermath has repercussions on all nations today. It was after Germany’s capitulation in 1945 that the Cold War began. In the 21st century, anxieties about immigrants from Europe echo the concerns and fears about Islamophobia and securitization that were prevalent after 9/11.

The Cold Wars was define by fear of nuclear war and competition among superpowers for global dominance. This created a bi-polar world power structure that forced nations to choose sides and tore communities apart. The Soviet war in Afghanistan was a costly mistake for the USSR, as it ended up losing control of the Eastern Bloc. However, many Eastern European countries eventually elected non-communist governments and joined the European Union. The communists still hold power in China and Cuba.

The Cold War was also about the methods of production and distribution of goods. It divided societies around the world. God expected to become the world’s largest economy by 2010; if this trend continues, the Cold War may be over. However, current global affairs may never be the same if it doesn’t. So, what are the trending ideas for the dissertation based on current international affairs?

European Union drafts foreign policy considering Germany.

As the largest and most influential member states of the European Union, France and Germany are key players in drafting the EU’s foreign policy. Yet France and Germany aren’t convinced of the benefits of closer cooperation, and national elections in both countries are looming next year. Meanwhile, Euroscepticism is high, particularly in light of Germany’s poor handling of the vaccination roll-out. So, what can Europe do to win over the German people?

The European Union drafts its foreign policy keeping Germany in mind. The EU is committed to upholding the values of freedom, equality, human rights, and solidarity. Those principles are reflected in its principles and goals. It also requires respect for human dignity. In short, the European Union must be open to the opinions and rights of all peoples. This means that Germany should be included in discussions and policy-making processes.

Germany’s opinion on EU foreign policy isn’t particularly surprising, as the country has been a key part of the EU’s success so far. But if the Germans aren’t happy with their foreign policy, they should vote it down. While the EU should not try to make Germany the main target of its foreign policy, it should at least give Germany the option of vetoing it. The EU has a great chance to win Germany’s support by choosing an approach based on values.

However, the EU must remember its values because that is the pillar of European sovereignty. They must reshape the post-coronavirus world in line with these values. After all, the EU can’t afford to lose sight of the core beliefs of its citizens. In the meantime, European leaders must prove that the EU is a beacon of democracy abroad and has a vibrant inner constitution.

Air pollution levels in your area

The air quality in your neighborhood may be a hot topic for your dissertation, as many Americans live in areas with unhealthy air pollution levels. Polluting sources include power plants, manufacturing, and transportation. Even though they may seem minor, these pollutants can significantly affect human health. For example, lead, mercury, and benzene are chemicals in bad air. They can damage the immune system and reproductive systems.

While you might have already heard about air pollution and health, you may not know the extent of its impact on the environment. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the greatest environmental threat to human health. Consequently, improving air quality is important to reducing the disease burden and mitigating global climate change. In 2005, the WHO published its air quality guidelines. The goal is for every country to meet the levels recommended by the WHO. Each government has proposed interim air quality improvement targets to reach this goal. These targets will allow for a gradual and stepwise improvement in air quality.

As air pollution continues to rise in many regions, it is an important topic for a global current affairs dissertation. Many countries have laws that govern air quality. The United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates air pollution in the United States and other countries. The World Health Organization has even designated certain air pollution levels carcinogenic, which can affect human health. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lists top trending topics in current global affairs.

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