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Want to Add Pink Stone Worktops in Your Kitchen? Consider These Elegant Rose Stones

When choosing pink kitchen worktops, make sure it complements the overall interior. Meanwhile, choosing quality worktop stone is equally important to make the countertop last for decades.

Want to add aesthetics and practicality to your kitchen worktop? From igneous natural stones to man-made materials, there are so many countertop options in the market today.

But what if you don’t like the common white, black or other monochrome worktops? If so, pink stone worktops are also a classic yet elegant option to consider for modern homes. For traditional interiors, you may choose dark shades of pink to add natural warmth to the available space.

No matter you choose pink worktops in granite, marble or quartz material, your countertop can easily blend with various modern and classy kitchen elements.

How to choose the right shade of pink for your kitchen?

You can choose the right shade of pink (be it light pink or rose pink) depending on the amount of daylight entering your kitchen. The lighter shade of pink will make your space feel airy while naturally reflecting light into the given space. On the other hand, dark pink shades are perfect to add a rich tone to your cooking space while still effectively reflecting light on a glossy finish.

However, if you have small kitchen space and worried that dark worktop surface will dominate the room, you may consider pairing dark pink worktop with lighter pieces in white or cream to let the bright areas add more light to space.

Pink and Rose Stones for Modern Kitchens

Here are the eight different pink marble, granite and quartz worktops to consider for decking up your kitchen interior:

1. Pink Porrino Granite: Pink Porrino granite is quarried from Spain and comprises a delicate pattern of pink, white and grey spots on its delicate mid-grey backdrop. Due to its mineral composition, this natural stone is classified as granite rock. The composition makes it tough and durable for both indoor and outdoor applications in both residential and commercial properties.

2. Caesarstone Excava Quartz: Belonging to the popular Metropolitan collection or quartz, Caesarstone Excava quartz worktops give the concrete-like appearance and feel to the interior. This product is designed to offer high performance with minimal maintenance. Boasting touches of oxide and ochre on a natural white backdrop, this material is ideal for recreating a decaying effect on concrete. Excava also displays hints of copper and brown hues. Hence, brings out the best of traditional or modern interior style.

3. Calacatta Vagli Marble: Calacatta Vagli Marble is a unique natural stone from Italy. Such rose marble worktops bring warmth and natural charm to any given space. Since marble is a sedimentary rock and undergoes natural crystallization of various minerals, it results in marvellous worktop stone.

4. Perlino Rosato Marble: Perlino Rosato marble is another classic Italian natural stone boasting shades of pink and rose. These pink marble worktops boast earthy background and the veining pattern varies between cream, beige and orange colours. This stone is just ideal for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and living rooms.

5. Rosa Portogallo Marble: Quarried from various regions in Portugal and other areas across Europe and Mediterranean countries, the Rosa Portogallo marble is an elegant pink natural stone to add highlighting effect to any indoor or outdoor space. Its subtle hue and pattern elegantly blend with any kitchen design, making it one of the most versatile stones in the industry.

6. Rosa Estremoz Marble: Rosa Estremoz marble is also a pink and white natural stone from Portugal. It can be processed in different finishes, such as Polished, Sanded, Sawn Cut, Sandblasted, Rockfaced, Tumbled, etc. Moreover, it’s suitable for different applications, such as countertops, pool, mosaic, fountains, pool, wall cladding, window sills, stairs and other designs.

7. Calacatta Vagli Rosato Marble: Italian Calacatta Vagli Rosato Marble provides a unique feel and natural charm to add warmth to any given space. This sedimentary rock bears its pink colour due to the natural crystallisation of various minerals. It further results in interlocking stone rocks that appear gorgeous to add unique beauty to an interior.

8. Ghibli Granite: Ghibli granite is one of the stunning pink granite worktops with uniform and soothing texture, which is fused with elegant beige, cream and golden tones. Aside from its exquisite beauty, this natural stone is resistant to weather changes, cold and hot temperatures. It is also useful for everyday use, all thanks to its low-maintenance attribute.

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