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Wedding Flower Guide: Choose the Best Flower Arrangement

If you are trusted with decorating the venue of a wedding ceremony, you must be looking for the suitable flowers. Choosing appropriate flowers for a wedding can be tricky but if you know the right tips you can come up with the best floral arrangement.

Tips for the Best Flower Arrangement for Adding

The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right florist whether it is wedding flower delivery or anniversary flower delivery.

Plan Ahead and Keep Season in Mind

It is very easy to get swayed away from the advertisements and have fixation in mind about decorating the venue with a particular flower. However, it is always good to be wise. Keep in mind the season of your wedding as it is one of the most important aspects to choose flower for a special occasion like wedding. Obviously, out of season flowers would be expensive and difficult to source whereas flowers that are in season are easily available in abundance without the minimum possible hassles.

Seasonal flowers are always cheaper and better alternative.

Aesthetics Should be Matched Perfectly

You need to remember that even if you have organized several events before you are not a professional designer. To produce the best results, you should choose your vendor carefully. You need to consult bride and groom for their choice. If they love ethereal or composed designs that are in trend, you should hire the floral designer accordingly. Do not choose the one that has tight traditional designs as it would disappoint you.

Make Choice According to the Location

Your flowers represent you and hence you need to see how your wedding venue is. For instance, if your reception site has tall ceilings, you need to buy taller flowers or flowers that can fill up the entire space perfectly. Contrary to this, if you are getting married in a location that has low ceilings, you should not make the flower choice that can make your rooms look filled.

So, take a look at the wedding venue carefully to decide which flower arrangement will be the best choice. Your floral arrangements should complement the wedding location perfectly. If it is a romantic boutique inn, lush red roses for the bridal bouquet would be the perfect choice. Contrary to this, if it is an outdoor wedding venue, sunflower centerpieces would be a good choice. Floral décor should match the wedding venue perfectly.

Know the Basics and Explore the Popular Wedding Flower Arrangement

Are you planning for the floral arrangements for the first time? If yes, you should read the popular wedding magazines to know the basics. Peonies, Dahlias, roses, lilacs, and hydrangeas are some of the popular wedding flower choices. You should know what the difference between roses and peonies is, what the seasonal flowers are and what would be the appropriate ones according to venue. It is good to ask your florists to help you make the right choice or else make a thorough online research for the same.

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Confirm with your get well soon flower delivery that whether they deliver flowers for weddings also.

Color Scheme is important

Talk to your florist beforehand and let him know your color scheme so that they can recommend flowers to you. For instance, lilies are available in different colors while hydrangeas are normally blue. If you want your wedding décor to match the flowers used in bouquet and other decoration arrangement, you should be careful. If your flowers match the color scheme used the entire arrangement would look good in photos.

Have a Word About Budget

It is good to talk about the budget beforehand and make the flower arrangement accordingly. Most of the couples spend 8% of the wedding budget on floral arrangements. It is good to make the choice of floral arrangement only after the wedding budget has been finalized. Let your floral designer know the budget.

Match the Wedding Flowers With The Style of Bride and Grooms

Your wedding flowers should reflect the style and aesthetic of the weddings. For instance, if you are going in for a traditional-type formal black-tie wedding, your flower arrangement should be more traditional. The matching centerpiece vessels and neat arrangements of flowers can be the consideration. You can choose to be more creative with the flowers and can choose mix and match centerpieces or garden style arrangements.

Besides that, you have to bear in mind that the flower arrangement that you choose will shape the tone of ambiance. Certain flower arrangements like calla lilies are elegant and timeless on the other hand other choices like white bright ranunculus will be peppy and playful. There are other things to consider like dress code, venue and décor etc.

Choose the Right Florist

It is good to have consultation with the newlywed couples to find what florist would be the good choice. You can choose to read reviews or browse through the wedding magazines. Short list some florists and find out which one would be the best choice.

Certain Flowers Look Alike Like Rose and Peonies

Rose and Peonies look more or less the same. If your favorite blooms are not in season or are too expensive, you can find an alternative for the same. Substitutes for certain flowers are easily available. Garden roses are available all the year round. If you find decoration with roses expensive and out of your budget, you can go in for peonies and hydrangeas resemble sweet peas.

Apart from that, you can choose greens along with the floral arrangement which can supplement well and look good.

Certain Flowers Can Reflect Your Wedding Styles

There are certain flowers that can reflect your wedding style. Tighter bunches of the conventionally used peonies and roses emanate classic vibes. On the other hand, if there is lush arrangement of soft and big blooms, then it is a clear-cut manifestation of romance in the air. There are sleek architectural varieties of flowers also that need minimalist arrangements.

Bright flowers with greenery can emanate a rustic feeling. It is good to talk to your florist and pick-up the style that best suits your wedding venue. It is good to have a word with your florist and pick the style that suits over and all look of the wedding venue. If you plan to keep traditional centerpieces you can so away with them and choose floral alternatives like wheat grass, fruits and feathers.

Make a Clear Distinction Between the Color Tone and Blooms

Just make clear in your mind what exactly you want whether you want a “pink bloom” or “pink roses”.  May be color of the gown of bride can decide the color tone of your ambiance. Pastel color flowers look feminine and the vibrant shades give a modern feel. Choose a hue that can go well with the other arrangements of the wedding.

Choose a Flower Arrangement That Signifies Something

Have you decided on the central theme of wedding? For instance, red tulips denote love and passion and whit lilies represent purity and happiness. Also, you need to remember that wedding flowers are not just centerpieces or bouquets, a number of wonderful floral arrangements can be made consultation of florists.


Wedding is the most important day of life for anyone’s life. So, it is good not to take any chance when it comes to floral arrangement on this special day. Check out whether your get well soon flower delivery service is also delivering flowers for wedding.


Amanda Harris is content manager at Toronto Flora, an order flowers online in Toronto. She loves to share her ideas on social media on lifestyle, health, business and more.

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