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Well-being: take care of yourself and your home

Our home is a place where we want to feel comfortable and safe. We have prepared tips and inspirations for you to make your home even more beautiful and turn it into a true oasis of peace. What to do to sleep better? Which colors or scents have a particular soothing effect? Many aspects of our life can be influenced by a pleasant environment and the right choice of materials, colors or smells. Your furnishings also have a considerable influence on your well-being. Free yourself and your home of items you no longer need. Thus, your home will be more beautiful, you will take care of your soul and you will have room for new acquisitions.

Well-being depends as much on oneself as on the atmosphere of one’s interior and the relationship with others. It is a whole that is worked on every day and which sometimes requires different advice and different methods. Here you will find everything you need to move towards your personal well-being. Our tips and advice are diverse and suitable for everyone. Discover them!

Wellness in the kitchen

Eating well is one of the most well-known wellness tips. Cooking can be a relaxing activity, but there are many other ways to feel good in the kitchen.

To find out how to eat well, discover the properties of turmeric, this gourmet spice that hides many benefits. In terms of benefits, ginger is also a real source of well-being. To accompany them, you can add the 10 super foods that allow you to eat healthy and balanced. To end your meal, you can initiate yourself to the tea ceremony, a very popular Zen ritual after a good dinner.

For better digestion and better comfort, it is also important to know how to behave at the table. And for the most relaxing days, opt for breakfast in bed or home delivery. The main thing is to have fun.

Discover the different therapies

The path to well-being sometimes requires gentle therapies. These are numerous. Do not hesitate to try them to find out which one suits you the most. Stone lithotherapy knows how to combine well-being and interior decoration to perfection.

Aromatherapy has also proven itself. During the coldest seasons and to fight against seasonal depression, specialists also recommend light therapy. You are therefore spoiled for choice.

Still little known but completely relaxing, sylvotherapy is new but very promising. Find out what forest bathing is all about. In a hectic daily life, this practice can be the ideal solution.

All about Feng Shui

Feng shui is an Asian art that has established itself in our interior decorations. It has the quality of creating a zen space dedicated to relaxation and well-being. He therefore deserves to be told about him.

First of all, you must choose the feng shui colors well. It is then easier for you to choose your feng shui decoration. You have the right foundations to continue. Complement your feng shui style with indoor plants.

Finally, know that you can just as easily invite feng shui into your bathroom or opt for a feng shui kitchen.

Well-being decoration ideas

Feeling good at home is essential to feeling good at all. The decoration is an integral part of its interior well-being. This is why we give you various tips to apply if you wish in your decoration.

You can learn how to create a cocooning atmosphere at home, or even create a luxury bathroom for relaxing moments. To choose your style, do not hesitate to find out about the symbolism of the colors.

To perfect your interior without turning everything upside down, add air-purifying plants to fight indoor pollution. Indoor fountains also make a great place in your rooms. For a zen decoration, accessories that inspire rest can also be brought into your interior.

For a more pronounced style, you can turn to a hippie decoration. Your exterior also deserves to be transformed into a relaxing corner. You will therefore find everything you need to create a Zen garden or a Zen terrace, along with cocooning decoration tips.

Our best vacation ideas

What would wellness be without vacation? There’s no better way to relax. Here are some original and sometimes unexpected ideas!

Faced with the possible difficulties of going on a trip, you can opt for the staycation or the art of spending your holidays at home. Sundays are sometimes synonymous with holidays and relaxation, so don’t hesitate to read our tips for a successful cocooning Sunday at home!

How to combine work and well-being

It’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re overworked. And yet, there are different ways to combine well-being and work, but also to manage stress. Telecommuting is often in order, so discover 5 tips to be productive and efficient.

To properly organize your days and weeks, we also advise you to make a vision board. It allows you to improve the atmosphere of your daily life and to better understand your days.

Changing accommodation is also work and organization. We thought of you and we have concocted advice for a first move in and to move without stress.

Take care of your relationships

Happiness comes through the happiness of oneself but also through the happiness of others. To feel good in your head, you like to please those around you. It is also in this way that our path leads to well-being.

Making others smile starts on January 1st by sending your New Year’s greetings. Throughout the year, you can organize game nights and even evenings with friends!

In a relationship with? Know that it is possible to associate love and confinement. But also to spend very good moments as a couple at home. And for next February 14, we have prepared a compilation of 42 Valentine’s Day quotes for you. You will find there just and original words to declare your love.

In addition, to take care of your romantic relationship, you must cultivate your complicity. That’s why we’ve brought you a little tenderness and levity, with our selection of 134 cute nicknames. You will find a touch of originality and, above all, humor for your couple.

Even single or in a long distance relationship, it is quite possible to enjoy a beautiful Valentine’s Day alone.

Also find out how to make yourself happy if you have to live with a roommate or babysit. Memorable moments guaranteed!

Let’s respect the planet

Zero waste is increasingly part of the different ways of living. Also adopt sustainable tourism during your holidays.

Your decoration can also learn to respect the planet. To do this, opt for eco-sustainable materials for your furniture and interior decoration accessories. Check for collections here at Homary!

Make wellness recipes

To continue to respect the planet but also our skin, you have the possibility of making your own homemade cosmetics. There are plenty of recipes with healthy ingredients that allow you to take care of yourself.

Once a week, take some time for yourself and create a homemade face mask. Relaxation guaranteed! Then have fun cooking your own homemade shampoo to take care of your hair.

Well-being through the practice of yoga

Exercising at home is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and feel good about yourself.

We have not finished extolling the benefits of yoga. This practice is hugely successful and is suitable for each of you. Discover our tips for starting yoga. If you want to practice it at home, you can create a yogi space. As you can see, it’s easy to combine sports at home and yoga at home! You can even have a space dedicated to this practice by creating your own yoga room.

And to end your sport well, opt for a meditation session and create a zen space. It allows you to adopt different breathing techniques to find serenity but also other tips to stay zen. You can conclude with a relaxing bath to keep your spirits up and end your day well.

Sleep better to feel better

It is obvious that sleep is important to feel good. But sometimes it is a very big mystery. It can be responsible for sleep disorders, insomnia and even hypersomnia. To help you sleep better, read our various tips.

For a restful sleep and better comfort, it is first of all essential to choose the right pillow and choose the right mattress. Adopting a good bed also helps prevent back pain. During your busiest days, do not hesitate to take a micro-nap. Its benefits are more surprising than it seems.

How to take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is essential to adopting a spirit of well-being. But what does taking care of yourself really mean and how do you do it? Take an interest in the miracle morning, a book devoted to personal development.

But you can find many other techniques and tips for learning to take time for yourself. You have surely made good resolutions to get there. Here are our tips for getting there.

Ikigai, this new philosophy of happiness, is an increasingly coveted and used practice. Why not try it? It can lead you on a path that allows you to adopt the slow life.

You also do not imagine all that is possible to do yourself at home. Activities according to your preferences are ideal for occupying the mind and relaxing. For example, you can have fun creating a spa at home. But there are plenty of other boredom-busting tips if you like to be active.

Finally, there are options for taking care of yourself that include several of the categories mentioned. This is the case with food supplements. On the lookout for all the trends, we have tested for you Bears with Benefits, surprising supplements, which you can take in the form of gummy bears! That’s all of our tips and advice for you! Don’t hesitate to leave your comment if you have any suggestions!

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