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What are the signs of FOMO?

Fear of missing out can cause extreme anxiety and lead to inadequate functioning in various aspects of life. People who think they’re struggling with FOMO should consult a psychologist in Islamabad. The specialist will evaluate the signs and help them deal with them, to reduce the anxiety and become a productive person.

FOMO refers to being excessively concerned about losing opportunities for social interaction and that they have to remain up-to-date to trends or they will be left behind.

Signs of FOMO

The signs of FOMO are:

  • Constant Urge to Check Mobile: The person cannot focus on other experiences and has a persistent urge to check their mobile phone. Additionally, the person cannot concentrate on tasks such as; eating, reading, and getting ready. The person feels anxious if they do not have access to their mobile phones.
  • Checking Social Media Accounts: The person feels that they have to check social media accounts. They want to check posts, comments, and pictures of their friends, peers, celebrities, and other famous personalities. The person checks their FB, Twitter, and Instagram accounts; after every hour, even while performing important tasks.
  • Taking Pictures and Sharing on Social Media Platforms: The person invests excessive money, time, and energy in getting ready and posting pictures every day for attention. The person feels that their goal is to post videos and pictures or, else they will be left behind from the social media world.
  • Want to Interact with Everyone: The person feels they have to interact in a positive way and tone with others even if they are uncomfortable.
  • Want to be in Everyone’s Pictures: The person wants to be in every post, picture, and video. If the person fails to be a part of their friend’s post, it causes extreme distress and anxiety.
  • Need to be a Part of Every Event: Even if the person is not feeling well, they put an effort into attending social gatherings. The sole purpose is to take pictures and communicate with others. The person puts aside their psychical and psychological health. And attends events as there is an excessive fear that they will not be a part of something important.
  • Fear that You will be Alone: The person wants to be socially active due to the fear that they will be alone and die; hence, they become a part of gatherings even if it makes them anxious and uncomfortable.

Ways to Deal with FOMO

  • Time Managing: The person should limit their social media interaction. They should use a time limit for using their mobile phones. They can reinforce themselves every day for using their mobiles for a lesser time.
  • Start Prioritizing Health and Career: The person who remains anxious due to social issues should accept that they are struggling. The acceptance will help them change the direction of focus and prioritize their physical and psychological health.
  • Make Rational Decisions: The person should realize that this behavior is unhealthy, and they should engage in activities that they know can help them grow personally and professionally.
  • Self-Reflect: The person should take time to self-reflect and work on the areas they know are inducing anxiousness. They should make effort to become a better version of themselves. Also, prioritize their mental and physical health, and focus on personal and professional growth.
  • Talk to Someone: If there is self-realization, it is best to talk to close friends, family members, or a psychologist. Their support will help them focus on other things. The diversion will help them focus on the aims of life.

Individuals who want to seek professional help should visit a psychologist in Islamabad. The specialist will help the person change their thought process and work on balancing their personal and social life.

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