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Computers and Technology


Are you planning to pursue a career in the mainframe? Then a comprehension regarding the subject of study is essential before stepping into any academy or mainframe online courses.

The following read provides narrations into the programming languages, database, and scripting languages you are about to study. Scroll down to know more.

The course encompasses the following,


  • VSAM
  • CICS Application
  • JCL
  • DB2 Application


It is a high-level programming language deployed for business applications. It still finds its applications in industries like human resources and financial institutions. The language syntax is similar to English words and phrases that can be easily understood by many business users. FLOW-MATIC text programming language is the base of COBOL. It is declared as outdated but finds its existence in many sectors.

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  • It is easy to learn and can be written and executed on different computers. The language has a broader syntax dictionary and an organized coding sheet.
  • New compilers, tools, and compilers are released every year.
  • It is a reliable and portable cross-platform.
  • The programming language can handle an enormous amount of data, and it can manage complex business transactions as well as batch reporting operations. It is the reason it executes a majority of the world’s business transactions.


Abbreviated as Virtual Storage Access Method, and it is the file storage and access method deployed in ZOS, MVS, and OS/390 operating systems. It was developed and introduced by IBM in the 1970s. VSAM organizes data files in Mainframes.



  • It offers speed access to data sets.
  • VSAM provides you with options to optimize your performance.
  • It provides for data sharing in an online and batch environment.
  • Auto-reuse of free space in VSAM files.
  • It secures the data against unauthorized access via passwords.
  • VSAM has organized and structured data storage



The abbreviation stands for Customer Information Control System aka Online Transaction Processing System (OLTP). It was developed and introduced by IBM in the year 1968. The system permits users to develop and run an online application in a Multiple Virtual Storage environment. It is the most commonly used Internet Server application.




  • It is a standalone OS that possesses its task manager and processor storage.
  • CICS has its specific file management functions.
  • It supports an online batch operating system where task submission and executions are instantaneous.
  • The control systems OS can perform batch operations at the back-end.



The Job-Control Language is the command language of MVS and is a widely used OS in the IBM mainframe computers. The Job control statements inform the OS about the program to be executed and the location of the input and output statements. The program executions are either in batch or online mode. The JCL professionals can obtain dream mainframe jobs in North Carolina with professional consultancy services from Techfetch.


DB2 Application

It is one of the popular database product developed by IBM. The DB2 is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), which can perform data storage, analysis, and retrieval operations efficiently. It also supports Object-Oriented features and XML structures. It is an IBM specific product developed in the year 1990 that can run on UNIX, LINUX, and Windows OS. The current version of DB2 is 10.5, and its code name is Kepler.



It varies for each version like,


  • Enterprise Developer Edition– It is specific to a single application developer. It aids in building, designing, and prototyping applications on any IBM server. You cannot use it for application development.
  • Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) and Advanced Enterprise Server Edition (AESE) – It suits medium and large size businesses and can run on UNIX, LINUX, and Windows OS.
  • Express C– It has all the features of DB2 that can run on any virtual or physical system of varying configuration.
  • Express Edition– It best suits business starters and mid-size companies. The version has all the features of the DB2 server with limited services.



The above-profiled information provides insights into the subject study of the mainframe course. The career path is promising for the mainframe course if you choose the right academy during the study phase. The right job consultancy services like Techfetch helps you acquire mainframe jobs in North Carolina.


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