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Health and Fitness

What is the Procedure and Coolsculpting Treatment Cost?

It is perfectly normal to have areas of excess and stubborn fat as people are more foodie these days. This situation is more common in women than in men. Women are more prone to store fat than men. As women age, they tend to hold more fat around hips, thighs, and stomachs as the bodies prepare for childbirth. There is a certain percentage of fat that is healthy. But at times, it can be frustrating for people to get rid of that excess fat. Diet and exercise are helpful to a limited extent only as the real solution is the only coolsculpting treatment. Coolsculpting freezes away the tissue and stimulates the fat tissue. Coolsculpting treatment cost may vary.

But before getting and booking the consultation for coolsculpting, people wish to know about the entire procedure and coolsculpting cost in detail. Here’s everything you need to learn to gain an insight into the coolsculpting treatment.

About coolsculpting 

Coolsculpting does not refer to the usual body contouring procedure. Many cosmetic procedures require lasers or surgery to remove fat which can leave the tissue damaged. The results are marvelous, but the traditional procedure has certain drawbacks.

So coolsculpting is a technique that permanently reduces fat bulges through the process known as cryolipolysis. This is the process that kills the fat cells. After the coolsculpting treatment, tiny crystals form within the fat cells and die later on. Over the next few weeks, the same process continues and is eliminated from the body.

Within four to eight weeks, you’ll start to notice changes in your figure, and full results will be visible in a year. Those people who are not satisfied with the coolsculpting treatment can avail of the second one. Let’s help you gain insight into how coolsculpting works and its cost.

How does coolsculpting treatment work? 

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of applicators used during the coolsculpting procedure. The applicator protects the skin from being frozen and damaged for a specific amount of time and at specific temperatures.

The ideal candidate for a coolsculpting is not far away from good body weight. The fat must be pinchable so that it can be frozen. And the best thing is that there is no downtime involved in it. It usually takes more than an hour if you are getting multiple areas done.

The device feels cool on your skin for the first few moments, but after some time has passed, you won’t’ feel anything. The practitioner will massage the treated area to break up the fat cells once the machine has done its job. Initially, you’ll see where the device was working, but this will not be the case after the massage.

Coolsculpting cost 

For all those people willing to lose weight from certain body spots, the procedure is specially designed for such people. People within 30 pounds of the recommended body weight can get this procedure. Getting this treatment is responsible for all the costs since coolsculpting isn’t considered a medically necessary procedure.

The average fee per treatment for coolsculpting was $1481 in 2017. Later on, the average cost of the coolsculpting rose to somewhere between $2000-$4000 per session. Usually, the cost is based on the area people are willing to treat. The smaller the area, the lower the cost. If someone is treating multiple areas at the same time, then also it will cost you more.

Besides this, other factors control the coolsculpting cost, including the location, experience of the provider, maintenance sessions available, and other things. Mostly, people need only one coolsculpting treatment. But if someone is looking for exceptional results, then one should go for the other maintenance sessions. With no required downtime, treatment takes a few hours or less.

Before your procedure only, talk to your provider about specific coolsculpting costs. People also ask about the differences between specific treatment areas, especially if it is more than one treatment.

Coolsculpting cost for arms 

For removing stubborn fat in the upper arms, coolsculpting is an effective option. If the area is small, then it would cost around $650 per treatment. Each arm is treated within the procedure, so the total cost should be around $1300.

It will not take more than 35 minutes on average for the treatment to last. You only need one session to achieve the desired results.

Coolsculpting cost for stomach 

There is no doubt that many people opt for coolsculpting treatment for the stomach only as it is the most common area for coolsculpting. Due to age and other life events like pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, and menstrual cycle, it is difficult for people to get rid of fat around their stomachs.

The estimated coolsculpting cost for the treatment area is $1500 a session. Some providers advise getting two treatments for treating the stomach area. Each session takes around 35 to 60 minutes. Not only this, the treatment gives you permanent results, but still, many people choose to have additional sessions of it to get a flat tummy.

Coolsculpting cost for thighs 

The coolsculpting cost for thighs varies from person to person. Sometimes, it differs from dermatologists also. For instance, one dermatologist may charge $1500 per outer thigh and $750 for the inner thigh. If you treat both legs, then collectively, it will cost you around $4000 or more. People will be done with the treatment in less than 35 minutes. There are chances for people to get permanent results in one session for your thigh treatment, like the coolsculpting for arms.

Recovery time for coolsculpting 

If you wish to see the full results, then wait for at least four to six months. During this time, your body will work to remove all the targeted fat cells. There can be temporary side effects due to coolsculpting, like pain and numbness. But these side effects will be only for a few weeks.

Coolsculpting will not prompt you to take a day off from your work as it will not disrupt your daily routine. But still, to avoid the stress of going back to work, it’s best to take a day off from it. Try to be at your provider’s office for a couple of hours per treatment to get the desired results.

How long does coolsculpting last?

The results are permanent only. But as there are certain exceptions, so does this. The stomach area is the exception as some people complain of inefficient results. So it is best to talk to your provider about how many sessions you’ll need in advance only to avoid the chaos later on.

With coolsculpting, the fat cells are not only shrunk down but completely removed. By around 20 percent, the fat cells are gone. Some people have reported a reduction of 40 percent also but in smaller treatment areas.

If you are getting multiple treatments, talk to your provider, but the costs will be the same as the first one. But if you continue with the same routine even after the treatment, you’ll begin to gain weight in the same area.


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