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Health and Fitness

What Not to Do After Coolsculpting Treatment

Coolsculpting is such a popular treatment that the chances are that you have seen advertisements for coolsculpting frequently. In recent years, the popularity of innovative fat freezing procedures has skyrocketed.

There are other alternatives to coolsculpting also like liposuction, kybella, and many more. Usually, coolsculpting suits everyone and is effective for all. But there are certain things you should look after to make your results even better.

The best thing about the coolsculpting treatment is that no surgery is involved in this. But it does not mean that there are no side effects of coolsculpting. There is some discomfort and long-term pain after the coolsculpting. But if you take care of the aftercare tips, then the results will be effective. Have a look at the things not to do after the coolsculpting treatment availed from med spa Beverly hills.

Aftercare tips 

Everyone has certain expectations from the procedure, and to get the desired results, one must know the aftercare tips. Here are some of the aftercare tips to give you the desired results.

Know how it works 

You should know exactly how coolsculpting works before you schedule a consultation with a physician. Coolsculpting targets the fatty cells without harming the skin with the help of a vacuum-like apparatus. The apparatus is used to suck in the fatty areas. You can get the coolsculpting done on the arms, legs, back, stomach, underneath the chin, and many other places.

The fat in these areas will not go away with diet and exercise also. Many people think that the treatment targets obesity, but it is not so. It simply helps people to get rid of stubborn fat.

Know your expectations 

All the patients who are receiving the coolsculpting treatment can expect slight discomfort after the procedure. Then after some time, the numbness will set in. From the treatment, the patients might complain of tugging, pulling, and sucking sensations. Depending upon the patient and their fat loss goals, the treatment usually lasts about 30-35 minutes. You can accordingly see your follow-up treatments.

Know the side effects 

Usually, all the patients tend to undergo some minor and severe side effects and symptoms of the treatment. For example, there can be temporary redness, bruising, itching, and numbness in the treated area. But no worries over this as these tend to subside in some time on their own.

Wear loose clothing 

Be it any area; after coolsculpting, you shouldn’t squeeze into the leggings or other tight-fitted clothing. It is so because the area should be given a chance to breathe and recover fully by wearing comfortable and loose clothes. Otherwise, if you wear tight clothing over the place, you’ll feel soreness, making things worse for you.

Have a snack beside you 

Despite the painless procedure, some people feel nervous during the treatment. But to ease out the things for yourself and make yourself comfortable, the best thing would be to have a snack with you. It will help you to keep your sugar level healthy and prevent a woozy stomach. The snack can contain items like fruit, cheese, nuts, chickpeas, and crackers, as this will make you comfortable.

Have plenty of water 

If you want to let go of the fat quite fast, drinking plenty of water can help you eliminate the fat cells quicker. Before and after the procedure, it would be beneficial for you to stay hydrated to help your body recover faster and let the treatment do its job.

Keep unrealistic expectations away 

Do not expect a drastic change to your body after getting the coolsculpting and that too the very next day. Understand that it will take time for your body to break down the cells and leave your body. It is a time taking process and will work at its own pace. Normally, after three weeks, patients tend to notice the minor results of the coolsculpting session. However, the full results of the coolsculpting will be visible to you after some months.

But till six months, your body continues to flush the fat cells after a coolsculpting session. Therefore, before the procedure, it is advisable to take the measurements of your body and at other intervals to track your progress and make the distinction.

Have a painkiller 

You can ease the soreness by taking an OTC painkiller such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen if you feel discomfort after a coolsculpting treatment. But while doing so, make sure not to exceed the daily dosage. Otherwise, it can be harmful to you. Above all, check your doctor first to ensure it is safe to use if you have a chronic medical condition.

Another way is to apply a warm compress to the treated area. Besides this, practice deep breathing exercises and yoga to ease the pain and discomfort.

Results depend on you 

If you take proper care and maintain a healthy lifestyle after the coolsculpting session, coolsculpting can serve as a permanent solution to your fat removal. As a result, the success of the coolsculpting depends upon you. Stick to a balanced diet and follow a workout routine to prevent the fat cells from coming.

Keep moving 

Another thing to take care of is to keep moving. You can practice yoga, stretching exercises, jogging, and walking to reduce pain and inflammation. Besides this, there will be a great improvement in your discomfort and tingling sensation.

Use coolers 

Talking to the coolers is also an excellent option to go to after your coolsculpting session. Those who had the procedure done in the past can tell you what will be best and what helped them after the treatment.

Talk to your doctor 

Besides the above-mentioned tips, the best thing would be to talk to your doctor. Talk to him about the pain you are experiencing along with the other side effects. No one can guide you better than him on the tips to lower your pain and other things. While limiting the side effects, they may also perform a massage to the treatment area to increase the efficiency of the treated area.

Refrain from medications 

Usually, for this procedure, doctors don’t prescribe pain medications as it is non-surgical. In addition, there is no anesthesia used during the process. But if there is minor pain or swelling during the procedure, your doctor may suggest you take some over-the-counter medications. However, refrain from taking the pain relievers before the treatment, as this can worsen the side effects.

Resort to massage therapy 

The excellent solution to ease out the pain and other things is to opt for massage therapy. Talk to your physician and opt for massage therapy to make things easy for you.

Coolsculpting cost 

There is no precise estimate of coolsculpting cost as it differs from person to person. The coolsculpting cost will depend on your physique, physician, location, follow-up sessions, and many other things. On average, it will cost you around $2000-$4000 per session. The coolsculpting cost will go up after the follow-up sessions. Have a look at the factors impacting the coolsculpting cost.


The foremost thing influencing the coolsculpting cost is your physician. If your physician is sound and highly experienced, then he will charge more coolsculpting costs from you for his services. On the contrary, if he is inexperienced, then you may have the possibility to pay less. But it is risky to get the treatment performed by an unskilled professional.


Some cities charge more from their customers as the rate differs from person to person. But there are some physicians and cities that offer some discounts to their customers. You can take advantage of that if you feel the coolsculpting cost is too high.


A little care after the coolsculpting session will enhance your overall appearance and give you the desired results properly. So get your coolsculpting session from med spa Beverly hills now.


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