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What to Know Before Buying Brother PE800?

If you are new to embroidery, then this Brother PE800 machine will blow your mind and another thing to consider is all the accessories that are needed to embroider for the first time: stabilizers, embroidery threads, etc.

It might look like you are just expending money on the actual machine, but the reality is that if you don’t have any embroidery material at home, you could easily need $150-$300 in additional expenses to take full advantage of this machine.

Wondering where to buy the Brother PE800 embroidery machine?

About Brother PE800 file format

I know it sounds boring, but something very important that is often overlooked when choosing a new embroidery machine is the design format that it can read. In this case, with Brother machines, you will have to convert them first into .pes format if you want to embroider your designs. 

But, in the end, only professional machines will read .jpg or .jpeg formats. A small sacrifice to save several thousand dollars. Besides, you can always look up online how to convert your designs from .jpg or .jpeg into .pes or invest in some embroidery digitizing software.

  • Personalize patterns and edit your designs on-screen
  • Excellent quality of stitching for a fair price
  • 138 Built-in designs, including 11 fonts
  • Easily transfer your designs to the machine with a USB
  • There is no storage space in this machine.

Key Features of Brother PE800

Key Features of Brother PE800

  • It is a single needle machine which means that you will have to change threads if your design is multi-coloured. But cheer up because this model will stop after finishing with each colour and let you know which thread to set up next.
  • It includes on-screen editing features, which makes customizing a design so much easier. Also, the colour screen is clear and easy to use, allowing you to see what you are embroidering.
  • Put any embroidery patterns on the machine to embroider with the USB flash drive port.
  • This model of embroidery machine is very easy to use and has a great learning curve which makes it ideal for beginners. With a good read of the manual and some YouTube tutorials to adjust the tension, anyone could use it.
  • The price is usually a key factor when choosing a new machine. Luckily for all of you out there, the Brother PE 800 is highly affordable so if you have a limited budget, keep reading.

If you want to embroider designs bigger than what a 5″ x7″ hoop could take unless you are willing to realign it, be aware that you might outgrow this machine soon. How to buy a sewing machine for leather materials?

Some more Features of Brother PE800

Brother PE800 Hoops

This sewing machine comes with a unique 5″ x 7″ hoop, and the largest pattern that this machine will read is 5″ x 7″.

However, you could reposition the hoop allowing an extensive design. Just divide the pattern into two or more pieces. You will then need to embroider one after the other. Don’t forget to practice beforehand since alignment is crucial.

The unit does allow for exact positioning with a bit of patience. You can also read bernette b42 funlock coverstitch machine.

Colour Touch LCD Screen

On this new model, you can add and edit multiple designs and fonts on-screen; you can drag and drop embroidery patterns, you can place letters in an arc and on two lines, and you can even move and position your design with the touch of your finger. I find it very intuitive and perfect for all levels of users.

Furthermore, the PE800 has a built-in colour palette that allows you to change the original thread colour on the screen. Just wow!

Automatic Needle Threader

With a touch of a lever, this machine will thread the needle for you.

When embroidering, I recommend you buy a big box of pre-wound bobbins, so you don’t need to wind your own. The bobbin uses a 90-weight bobbin thread.

This machine works on 110V. However, you could always use a converter if you need it for 220V.

Super Bright Work Area

The embroidering area and around the needle count with two bright LED lights that will be especially useful when sewing dark fabrics or positioning the designs in the hoop. This way, you will save your eyes some unneeded effort.

Great for Beginners

This machine happens to be the perfect embroidery tool for beginners, but remember that this is the only embroidery machine. It does not sew. You could quilt and do appliqué with it, but it will never work as a sewing machine.

Free Motion Quilt

If you drop the feed dogs, you will be able you use this machine for quilting. You can always download quilting designs from the internet, but remember to purchase the proper presser foot “Q” if you don’t have one yet.


How could an embroidery model so complete as such not do appliqué? It does a fantastic job with this type of embroidery, and if you don’t have your designs, you could always go for the grand slam package since it comes with a CD that contains a lot of appliqué designs.

Hats, T-Shirts and Socks Embroidery Hoops

All other hoop sizes must be bought separately, which might be a downside, right? They’re not the best quality, although they do work just fine.

Best Brother Embroidery Machine Only Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison of several Brother embroidery machine bestsellers, where you can compare all the different features that the reviewed machine will offer you.

It is interesting noting that all these single-needle machines are ideal for both beginner and intermediate users.

Warranty Specifications

Most Brother home machines, including PE800, have a very decent warranty that includes the following.

  • 25 years from the purchase date for the Chassis Casting
  • Five years from the original purchase date for Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards (replacement labour excluded)
  • One year from the purchase date for Parts, Labor, and accompanying Accessory Items

Apart from the actual machine, the Brother PE800 Grand Slam Package option includes every basic accessory that you will be needed when using your machine for the very first time.

It is ideal for beginner users who haven’t got ahold of all the necessary bits and pieces that embroidering actually implies.

The Grand Slam Package of this unit includes:

The Grand Slam Package of this unit includes_

  • 64 Embroidery Threads
  • Prewound Bobbins
  • Cap Hoop
  • Sock Hoop
  • Stabilizer*
  • 15,000 Designs
  • Scissors

*Stabilizer: A material used to support the fabric being embroidered on to keep it from puckering or stretching. Choosing the right stabilizer for each project has a huge impact on the final result.

Now, we know that the value of a package of 64 Embroidery Threads is around 60$ and that the difference between the Basic Package with the Grand Slam Package is 200$ approximately.

With this in mind, and taking into account the amount of time wasted and frustration that you will get once you realize that you need to order more items in order to start embroidering with your new machine, I would say that the Grand Slam Package is actually worth the extra money.

Nevertheless, if you already have some of these accessories at home, be cautious. Choosing this great value package could turn out to be a waste of money in your case.


1. What are the differences between brother pe800 and pe770?

  • New Brother PE800 vs discontinued PE770 has the following upgrades:
  • Color LCD Screen vs Grey-scale one.
  • 850 speed of stitches per minute vs 650.
  • 138 built-in embroidery designs vs 136.
  • 11 built-in fonts vs 6.
  • Added automatic needle threader vs manual.

2. Can you sew with the brother pe770 or pe800?

No, both models are embroidery-only machines which mean that they can only perform 2D embroidery designs like those of logos or T-shirts and not sew straight.

3. Which Brother embroidery machine is the best?

If you don’t wanna spend over 5k on a professional machine, the best option on the market is the new Brother PE800.

However, some other very good options are, depending on your needs, Brother SE600, Brother PE535, Brother PE550D (Disney designs included) and combo machine Brother SE1900.

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