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What Type Of Flowers Should You Get Her?

Roses are classic. Red signifies “I love You”; White means “It didn’t mean anything, so let’s just be friends.” Pink is somewhere between red and white in both color and meaning. It’s like giving her roses and telling her to write a poem with the opening line “Roses, violets, and blue …” Sweet but obvious.” 

You can impress your gal by giving her something different: lilies with wildflowers, mixed bouquets, or fern leaves. Here’s the deal: give something… and see what she likes. They will be big, brightly colored flowers if she just looks at them. If she sticks her nose in the flowers, you can get flowers that smell great.

A mixed wildflower bouquet is available in most flower shops. It is very romantic and not too expensive.

Stargazer lilies also smell great. Asiatic lilies are unscented. You can only buy her stargazer roses if you’re going to her home, so she doesn’t have to take them everywhere. Why? Because they leave a bright yellow stain everywhere they touch. They are still worth it for their amazing smell.

Do you want something that will grow? Potted tulips and orchids are great options. The care of tulips is easier they are not romantic but make great gifts. Orchids can be very attractive, but they are also quite high-maintenance.


Now that you know what to buy her, let’s take a look at the how.

The Bouquet. The traditional surprise bouquet behind the back works like charm. A bouquet usually comes with a small package of plant food.

Give Them A Chance To Last.

Put some water into a vase. The vase should be about 1/4 full. Drop some flower food if the package came with the flowers. You can crush a Vitamin C tablet to add it.

Cut the stems with a knife or scissors. Just trim 1/4 inch, so that you can make a new cut. Because the angle gives more surface area to the stems, they can absorb water better. Old cuts heal quickly, even if they are only a few minutes old. This makes it more difficult for flowers to drink. 

Place The Freshly-Cut Flowers In The Vase.

Remove any outer petals that appear to be wilted or hardened. These are likely Guard Petals. They protect the rest of your flower. These can be removed to freshen the bouquet and allow the flower’s potential to open more.

Change it up when she says, “Oh, another bouquet of blooms.” Even if she doesn’t speak out loud, she can still say it with her eyes. Here are some suggestions:

Delivery To The Office Send Flowers To Her Workplace. Many flower shops offer delivery. There are many places to send flowers online. You can even deliver the flowers yourself. This will be a romantic gesture that will bring you a lot of Sydney Florist points. It will also make you feel super romantic. This could go as far as possible, starting with a simple stop by during her lunch break to extending to a Flower Stripe-o-Gram. This is something that some offices will allow you to do, but others may not. Use common sense and don’t fire her.

The Run. Even if you don’t have a date tonight, you can still use the Sydney Florist Principle. You can still go to the grocery store with any excuse, whether it’s for dinner, beer, or dry cleaning. While you’re there, grab some flowers!

Petals. This is a great option if your roses are not in their prime. Take out all petals and scatter them throughout the bedroom to prevent them from drying out or wilting. Light some candles and play some music to complete the romantic scene. Two petals can be set aside and placed in a few glasses of champagne or wine. Roses can be eaten and are even considered an aphrodisiac. Soon she will be removing your clothes and scattering them around your bedroom.

One Quick Note About Scattering Rose Petals.

Your damage deposit will be affected by friction and red rose petals mixed with white carpets. If you have an expensive white carpet, use common sense. 

Remember the Sydney Florist Principle. Flowers can be bought for good times and used to cheer up the recipient.

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