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Why You Should Sell Gold Instead Of Taking Loan

We all know that there is no surety when we might get into a difficult situation. We need to make sure that we have all the resources to get out of that situation. Most of the time, when we get into a difficult situation, we think of approaching a bank and getting a loan. There is also one more method to get instant money. Which is to sell our investment to the best dealer. There are some people who go the extra mile to pawn their investment and get a loan against it. While a few people consider it a good option, there are many reasons for you not to go in favor of it. There is a reason that taking a loan is considered such a bad thing in our society. If you want to make the most profit, you should think against taking out a loan.

The same can be applied to your jewelry as there are many banks who will happily give you a loan for your gold. But, is this something that you all should be doing? Is it really safe and profitable to get a loan for your jewelry rather than selling it? In this article, we will go through all the problems that one might face due to getting a loan against their jewelry. We will give you a detailed analysis of all the things that you need to take care of if you decide to get a loan for your jewelry. We will also see all the points that make selling jewellery so much better than taking a loan against it. And finally, we will also tell you the name of the best gold dealer in Delhi NCR whom you can easily Sell Your Jewelry at the highest price.

Less Value

When you go out to get a loan against your jewelry, do not expect to get a high price for your jewelry. The main purpose of the bank is to gain more and more money from you. This is why the bank takes utmost care that they do not lose a single penny. The best way to do this is by giving you a lower price for your jewelry. This is because even if you fail to pay your loan, the bank can always sell your jewelry and get a very high price for it.

On the other hand, when you Sell Gold Delhi, you get a full value of it. A genuine gold buyer will not deduct even a single penny from you and give you the highest price for your jewellery. This is why it is considered better to sell your gold rather than taking a loan against it.

Pay Compound Interest

You must be thinking that if you are getting less value for your jewelry, it would mean that you will have to pay less interest on it, but it is not true. The fact is that when you are supposed to pay compound interest on it, it really doesn’t matter if the value is less or more. When any amount of interest is charged, every month your loan will generate some amount of interest. For the next month, you will not only have to pay interest on your loan but also on the interest generated by your loan. This is why it becomes so problematic to take loan against your gold. Taking interest on your interest is so problematic that the government had to introduce GST to cancel this effect from other indirect taxes.

But the thing is that taking a loan to get instant Cash For Gold Delhi NCR is still compounded monthly and you end up paying a lot of money as interest only.

Really High Interest

Getting money for your jewellery becomes a less profitable business when you also have to pay high interest on it. The main problem with taking a Gold Loan is that you also have to pay high interest on it. Most of these interests are compounded monthly. This means that you have to pay interest every month. When this interest is compound interest, it becomes even more problematic. It means that you have to pay interest on your interest every month. This becomes most problematic when you have to pay high interest on that amount. This is also one of the main reasons why people love to sell their jewellery as they do not believe in paying high interest unnecessarily when they can easily get a high value for their gold.

Long Procedure

It is not like that you walk into a bank and you will get an instant loan for it. The reason is that it is a really long process which might end up taking more than a day sometimes. This is because it is a situation where the bank is giving its money away. They do not want to take any chances and make sure that you do not run away from them after taking their money. The procedure to make sure that the worth of your jewelry justifies the loan that you are taking against it takes a lot of your time. Even after determining the work of your jewelry, various documents and red tape ensure that they get to waste a lot of your time.

Unlike this, a real Jewelry Buyer Delhi NCR will always make sure that you get the worth of your jewelry in less than fifteen minutes. Unlike these banks, there is almost no requirement of any documents while selling your jewelry.

The Best Dealer

When you know that there are so many disadvantages of taking a loan against your gold, you should always Sell Gold in Delhi NCR to get the best deal for your jewelry. But the question is who is that one jewelry buyer who we all can trust on. Well, you do not have to think too much about it, we already have an answer for you. With an experience of decades, Cashfor gold and Silverkings is the most trusted and famous jewelry dealer in Delhi NCR.

They make sure that you get the full value of your gold. They have all the latest machines that make sure that you get the highest Cash Against Gold Delhi NCR for your jewelry. The procedure to sell your jewelry to them is so simple that you will not have to go through any complex or rigid process.

Selling your jewelry to a genuine gold dealer is considered the best as you do not have to pay high interest on your money. Rather, you would enjoy the sweet fruits of your investment.

Final Words

While there are many things that you can do with your investment, taking out a loan is never considered a safe option. This is because a loan never comes alone. It always comes with a lot of terms and conditions. This is why we say that you should explore other options other than taking a loan. In this respect, you should not do many experiments and stick to the basics only. And what can be more basic than selling your jewelry at the highest rate to the best buyer in Delhi NCR? Hence, with all the benefits of selling your jewelry, you should always sell it rather than taking any loan.


We here at Cashfor Gold & Silverkings are offering the best price for your jewellery that’s made up of Gold, Silver & Diamond. Being in this domain for the past many years, customers are offered the highest price along with fabulous offers. The complete payment is made in cash and transaction is completed within minutes.

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