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Health and Fitness

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

Imagine cleaning your teeth and somehow find a spot of blood mixed with paste foam; what would you do? Ignore the bleeding and assume it is not a big deal?

According to research, nearly half of Americans over the age of 30 have gum disease. In most cases, the condition is not painful, and patients are unaware of it.

However, having gums disease does not always indicate bad oral hygiene or bad brushing technique. It might indicate the possibility that your oral health is deteriorating or a far severe health condition.

Multiple underlying factors may cause bleeding gums, some not involving oral hygiene but related to oral conditions. Continue reading this article and discover reasons why neglecting your gum health is not a good idea.

What Causes Bleeding Gum

The most prevalent sign of gum disease is bleeding gums. However, it can also indicate other health issues. The following are some of the causes of bleeding gums:


When your body is stressed, the immune system is compromised. Hence, it becomes ineffective in fighting disease. For instance, a stressed body causes blood vessels to become inflamed.

This has the overall effect of slowing the healing time. If your gums bleed regularly, it may be a time for you to evaluate other factors in your life apart from your oral health.


Pregnancy does crazy things to the female body, including gum disease. According to studies, pregnant women are likely to have gingivitis during the second trimester.

Apart from maintaining good oral practices, a female should get a regular dental checkup to sustain women’s oral care during pregnancy.

Reaction to Certain Medication

Some medication may alter the blood flow that can make your mouth dry. A dry mouth affects the gum making it more reactive to plaque.

Plaque, in return, makes gum disease progress rapidly than it usually does. If medication is causing your gum to bleed, you can consider talking about it with your doctor.

Pressure on Teeth Due to Uneven Bite

Having uneven bites has the effect of adding extra pressure on given teeth. In turn, extra pressure itself takes its toll on surrounding bones and gum tissue.

This condition is called bite disease and has the effect of causing surrounding gum tissue to recede. When the tissue recedes, the area becomes a prime target for gum disease.

Make sure your bites are checked to avoid more complicated issues later in life.

Careless Sharing Food or Drinks

Gum diseases, just like any other disease, can spread from one person to the other. The primary transfer method is saliva, which is exchanged during kissing and while sharing drinks or food.

Therefore, be mindful of those around you while sharing with friends or partners. Remember that gum disease could as well be transferred.

Other Causes of Gums Bleeding

• Vitamin C and K deficiencies may cause gums to bleed easily

• Wearing dentures that fit too tightly

• Brushing gums too hard

• Infection of either the gum or tooth

• Using blood thinners

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

It May Pose Other Health Risks

If you ignore the bleeding gum sign, you might be risking far more complicated issues later in life. For instance, gum conditions have been found to increase the risks of heart disease. Furthermore, if you will have diabetes, it will further become more difficult to treat gum disease.

Fear of Other Underlying Health Problems

Other health problems can appear as gums bleeding. For instance, though rarely, bleeding gums may be caused by leukemia.

Bleeding gums, together with other symptoms like weight loss, extreme fatigue, mouth ulcers, and loss of teeth, may signify leukemia. It may be caused by other health conditions that include Dengue and hemophilia.

If you experience gum bleeding after visiting a dentist, it may be due to a lack of proper clotting due to a low level of platelets.

Possible Gum Disease

Never ignore bleeding when you brush your teeth. It might be a gum disease in its earlier form of gingivitis. If neglected, the condition can proceed to the stage known as periodontitis.

If you fail to remove plaque, it will harden to form tartar. Tartar increases gun bleeding and advances the condition to jaw bone disease called periodontitis

Periodontitis comes with worse symptoms compared to gingivitis that may necessitate the removal of teeth. However, you can choose the right family dentist practice and overcome unnecessary nightmares.

Bleeding Disease Threaten Overall Health

Though you may not realize it, your oral health dramatically impacts the immune system and overall health. Just like the skin protects muscles, bones, and other organs, the same way the gum protects your teeth.

Gums disease has also been linked to underlying health conditions like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. The good news is with regular brushing and checkups, and you can prevent bleeding gums disease.

Get Treatment for Your Bleeding Gums Today

Frequent brushing and flossing of your teeth can assist you to keep gum disease at bay. Routine dental appointments can also ensure that your gum disease hasn’t recurred and that you’re flossing and brushing correctly.

But disregarding your bleeding gums may lead to dental problems far more severe than a spot of blood on your toothbrush!

At the first indication of gum disease, make an appointment with your dentist to ensure you have healthy gums.

Did you find this article helpful? If so, keep an eye on our website for more informative blog posts.

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