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All on Composite Bonding

Both patients and dentists have benefited from the use of composite bonding in several ways than one. Since it’s a procedure that requires less invasion, dentists consider it a possible treatment option, while patients find it to be reliable and affordable.

Composite bonding doesn’t require tooth reduction. The material used as composite matches the colour of your teeth. This cosmetic approach preserves your natural tooth enamel and can be easily fixed.


The first step in anterior and posterior bonding is matching the composite filling to the colour of the patient’s teeth. Using an etchant gel, the teeth are cleaned and coated with a dental adhesive which allows the white filling to be bonded to the teeth. More layers of filling are gradually added, then a blue light is shined to solidy the fillings and keep them in position. When the dentist is comfortable with the general shape of the composite, they will now polish it and make necessary adjustments to make it look more like your remaining natural teeth.

Bear in mind that even though your dentist guarantees your composite to last long, nothing in dentistry lasts forever. Yes, after some time, the colour of your filling may begin to change. It could even get stained. This is very common in dentistry. What is required is to replace the affected fillings. The procedure is simple, and often, there is no need for an aesthetics.

For people who have silver fillings, they may begin to experience an expansion of the filling, which could cause cracks in their teeth. The end result may be decay under the filling. Note that large silver fillings over time will wear down the teeth and prompt the need of having a crown. Should this happen, your dentist may recommend changing the filling to white colour to prevent tooth breakage and the need for crowns eventually.

What about gold fillings? Those ones produced in the laboratory are good for the teeth since they have a longer lifespan sometimes. But, they cannot be easily fixed if damaged and do not possess the same adhesive properties as composite bonding.

How much is the cost?

This depends on the complexity of the problem, the work involved, and the type of filling material used. For small treatment, the price may not be too much. For instance, if you need to treat a small cavity, an amalgam filling may cost between £80 to £90. Using white filling for the same treatment may cost about £120. But in a case where the area to be covered is large, white fillings if used will cost more money like between £200 to £250 since more materials like matrix bands will be needed for the work.

Anterior vs posterior composites

Since anterior composites are more visible, there is a lot to consider, so it becomes difficult to perform. The final shape of the tooth has to be symmetrical, and the polish must look great for optimum results. Alternatively, posterior teeth is a little easy as there exists a foundation which can be followed in filling the tooth.

Okay, how about appearance?

We try to give our patients a more natural look for their treatment. However, some patients request that their teeth be shaved down to make them look flat or to add fillings to the ends to create a smooth look. The drawback to this style is that your smile will look artificial, which of course is not natural. Plus it involves drilling away your tooth enamel which should not be touched.

At our practice, we try to use only the quantity of composite that is necessary and allow the art form to appear via small effects and the care that has been put into the tooth, rather than adding materials and creating an entirely flat look.

Following the concept of how an ideal teeth should be shaped and their anatomy, dentures are designed. Many times, it has been said that the two teeth in front should be about the same height as the canines. And the two opposite, lateral teeth on either side should be a bit smaller. Typically, it is observed that females have rounder and softer edges, while men have sharper edges. Generally, these parameters are considered when we are designing your smile.

Furthermore, we take our time to look at your face and consider what is best. The special details that demand attention is decided by assessing the condition of your current teeth, and considering the brown marks, small lines, or transparency of your other surrounding teeth.

The condition of the teeth and dental procedure

No two patients have the same teeth features; each one has uniquely different characteristics. Some persons have little to zero imperfections, while others have teeth conditions that account for more serious cases.

Where you have brown marks and clear edges, it can present a very difficult case for your dentist to examine and replicate for each tooth. Extra equipment, like special tints to mimic the nature of your current teeth, are also required in this case.

If your teeth have one colour throughout, the work becomes very easy for your dentist to do. You may need just one colour of composite, and the procedure can take lesser time to complete.

How is it done?

Should you need composite bonding in London, you have to first consult your dentist to examine your current teeth condition. During the consultation, you will be able to know what can be done to improve your smile.

Your dentist may arrange a chair-side mock-up to show how your teeth will look after the filling. The process is not difficult since no injections are needed. Your dentist will concentrate on your treatment plan and the options you can have.

After the initial consultation, you will attend a follow-up appointment where your treatment will be done. It may take longer depending on the size of the composite, and how skilful the dentist is in replicating the natural colour of a tooth. For instance, a small white filling on a back tooth can be done seamlessly and may take 30 minutes.

Composite bonding for front teeth will require a longer appointment since it is complex and requires attention to detail. The number of teeth to be treated is put into consideration. During the process, your dentist will allocate a time frame, and you might spend between 1 to 4 hours at the appointment. The whole job won’t be done continuously within the time frame; breaks will be observed. You may find it a bit stressful but remember that the ultimate plan is to give you a smile that will keep you happy and satisfied.

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