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How to Use Localization Strategy for the Growth of Your Business in 2022

We are living in this era of globalization. In this interconnected world, you can easily tap into foreign markets and approach potential customers. The success of your business not only depends upon targeting the international markets, but for a successful business venture, you have to think locally and develop a strategy for local markets. This process is called localization.

Localization plays an important role in developing your brand image both in the local and international markets. If you have developed a website for your business, then you must go for website localization services. These services will make your website resonate with the target market.

People will opt to buy from your site because localization will give them a native feeling. Before developing the business strategy, you must know what exactly the localization is.

What is a Localization Strategy

The important thing to keep in mind is that localization strategy is not about translation services only. No doubt, it does include translation, but it is a step ahead of translation. It provides you opportunities for understanding the dynamics of the target market. Moreover, you can understand the dynamics of the market by understanding consumer behavior. 

To implement a localization strategy, you must understand the retail industry and closing dates of each country. Moreover, you also require a UX strategy that can support the users of the target market.

Industry sources on localization state that using local language to hit the foreign markets is mandatory. Here, localization plays an important role. Localization is not about translating word-to-word content. It saves you from offensive content that can fire back.

Why Implement a Localization Strategy

A localization strategy makes your brand message resonate with the target market. If you are an app or software developer, then you must go for app localization services and software localization services so that customers can use these apps and software without any hassle.

Software and apps are used for various purposes. Many companies are using software to integrate business processes and to increase efficiency.

For example,

if the head office of your company is in China and a subsidiary in the USA, then your company might have to buy HR software to keep Chinese and US employees on the same page.

Adapting the content according to the culture and language of the country will make it easier to use software and apps. Let’s have a look at how localization strategy will help in business growth.

Mitigates Communication Barriers

There is no doubt that English is a dominating language of the world, but there are many nations that give importance to their official languages. Therefore, whether it is your website or software, translating it in only one language will neglect the millions of potential customers that speak another language. Additionally, you will miss a major chunk of market share.

If you aim to grow your business in 2022 then localization should be a part of your business strategy. When you localize the content then it means that you are communicating with the masses in the language that they speak while keeping regional and cultural intricacies in view.

Gaining Customer Trust

CSA research predicted that 60% of potential customers make a purchasing decision if the information is provided to them in their native language. Do you want to know why? Because of the trust factor. Although there are many factors associated with business success.

But trust is foremost of them. Another survey by Edelman stated that 81% of customers who have trust in your product will make a potential purchase.  It means that you are providing enough information about your software or app to them to decide whether to go for them or not.

It shows your honesty and there is nothing that you can hide. Giving them information about your products and software in the language that the customer understands gives control and a sense of transparency to the customers.

Providing culturally appropriate content and visuals will make your website, apps, and software easy to navigate and provide customers with a good and friendly user experience. With the help of app localization services and software localization services, you can make sure that customers will remain loyal to your products and will come again for repeat purchases.

Improve International SEO

Many customers search for their favorite products on Google. They will search for it properly if it is provided to them in the language that they understand. Google displays the results based on their search query. Many times, the potential customers look for their products and services in their local languages.

If your website is not localized properly to address the queries of the users, then it will not show up on the SERPs. The local strategy should include local SEO.

Enhances the Brand Loyalty

Website localization services show that you are giving importance to customers’ culture that makes them easy to associate with your products and services.

Companies that are operating globally should know how important it is to take care of customers’ unique needs.  When potential customers realize that your company is giving them importance, then they become loyal to your brand. 

Thus, while implementing the localization strategy, the companies should consider the unique needs of the people. It will make you understand how to fulfill the market gaps in a better way than competitors.

Customers are the driving force behind your business success. If customers are satisfied with your services, then they will buy more products. It will increase sales. In short, implementing the localization strategy will increase customer satisfaction.

A satisfied customer will share their good thoughts with his friends on the digital world. Consequently, it increases brand awareness and a good reputation.

Growing Your Business with the help of Localization Strategy 

The pandemic has changed the way we used to do business before. Now the world has prepared itself for the post-pandemic 2022 period. To thrive in this time, global companies of the world must adapt localization strategies. 

Moving Towards Digitalization

According to the report by Mckinsey, the people that used to convert their business systems digitally usually takes the time of 5 years but due to pandemic, this time is lessened to just 8 weeks.

This rapid change has brought great changes in many fields. One of the important changes is making the world an online marketplace. For this, you need to learn how to adopt local eCommerce trends. 

Localization of your Website 

For localizing your website, you have to adapt different things according to the target market. For instance, you need to check the graphics and user interface, images, and payment modes. The platform on which your website is running can make the localization process either easier or difficult.

For instance, if your website is using a platform like WordPress, then you can easily localize your website with the help of a plugin. On the other hand, if your site is react-based then you have to work hard on it. 

Considering platform is a must before going for the localization process. It will help the customers to reach your site on the first attempt. Moreover, it guides you that what will happen when customers make purchases. For making large sales you also need to localize email marketing efforts. 

Wrapping Up

The landscape of global business has been changed for the last two years because of Covid-19. Now in the post-pandemic era, the business should adapt new digitalization concepts to thrive in the competitive world. It is recommended to adapt local e-commerce trends and localization strategies to grow business in 2022. Are you ready to devise a localization strategy for your business?

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