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Powerful Teaching Tech Tools for an Interactive Online Class Experience

It has been a hectic year for teachers, spent the whole year struggling with online learning effectiveness. However, you might feel blessed at one point of the fact that the new normal taught you about technology and its tools. Therefore, teachers are now familiar with Google tools, Nearpod, Flipgrid, etc. These tech tools for teachers were a relief and provided much help with online class to make them interactive and engaging.

Not only these tools were helpful for teachers but also aided students who looked upon the internet with “how to take my online class effectively”. There are tools that offer real-time feedback on online quizzes, tests and homework to students as well as teachers. Students can take these quizzes repeatedly to improve their scores. Meanwhile, teachers can develop strategies to improve their student’s learning. Besides, these tools also offer parents involvement in the academics of their children as they also receive feedback on their child’s performance.F

That is just not it, online learning is here to stay and dominate the traditional system of education – physical classrooms – with its effectiveness. However, technology has always pleased us and made our life simple. Similarly, these and other more tech tools made it easier for teachers to interact with students to develop their interest in education. There are many other tools that are hovering around to boost the pace of education and completely substitute physical classrooms.

Tech Tools for Teachers to Take Online Classes

Education and technology have been together all along. Technology has always leveraged education, educators, and students. Correspondingly, it supported the teachers and students in such tough times of the pandemic. However, here are some powerful tech tools for teachers for effective online class sessions

Mote – Give Personal Audio Feedback to Students

Teachers often have a hard time giving feedback to students that is effective. Students tend to overlook those feedbacks because they find it useless. Studies show that a piece of advice, criticism, or feedback is effective when provided personally and not in a circle of people. However, here you have a Google extension that lets you make feedback via fast and personal audio. Students do not need to install the extension to listen to those audios.

Mote extension works in Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Gmail. Click the icon of Mote, record your instructions or feedback and attach it to students’ homework, assignment, quiz, etc.

Besides, it opens an opportunity for active communication between the teachers and students. However, besides facilitating digital text with audio comments, it also lets you comment normally. Thus, enables a comfortable medium of communication – a livelier experience.

Tip: As a teacher, you must be using Google Slides to deliver the lecture to students. However, you can utilize Mote to attach audios to each slide. By this, students can review the subject and particular topic with more efficacy. Adding text notes take a lot of time, speak more and type less.

Dotstorming – Let the Students Creativity Speak

Teachers complain about the attitude of the students towards online classes, homework, quizzes, and tests. They seek options to engage students and ways to interact with them. However, Dotstorming is the ideal tool that lets the student’s creativity out of them – enabling them to collaborate with ideas.

With dotstorming, students participate effectively to share ideas and give feedback to their classmates via whiteboards and collages. Teachers can also create polling for students to vote for a specific event like when to conduct a test, what deadline to set for the homework, and much more!

VideoAnt – Live Video Discussions

Teachers too agree with YouTube for providing educational and instructional content. It is a standard practice of teachers to provide videos that demonstrate their lectures. However, only providing videos without any critical element of engagement is of no use for some students. Therefore, VideoAnt facilitates students to make comments on the video shared by the instructor by embedding YouTube videos in the VideoAnt player.

VideoAnt is an innovation of the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development. It allows users to add comments and remarks to an online video transforming it into an online discussion post. Thus, actively engages students to contribute and participate in video lessons.

Blooket – Interactive Educational Games

Students frown when they hear the word ‘quiz’ and teachers know it well too. But, games attract students and youngsters, so why not create educational quizzes in form of games? Booklet lets u create engaging game quizzes for effective online learning. All teachers need to do is set up a game and provide code to their students and start the quiz as a team or individually. Definitely, your students will not be looking for any online class help services in such an engaging learning environment!

Blooket has a diverse range of educational games for students to play and learn momentarily. An exciting factor about Blooket is, as students play and score, they earn coins and amazing avatars called Blooks – a highly engaging tool for educating students.

Tip: Create your own custom game with Blooket based on the interests of students. Blooket has a vast community of games developed by other educators.

Kialo Edu – Engage Students with Debates

A discussion board is a traditional way to engage students in a discussion when learning online. However, they are not as effective because it lacks complex debates. Enter the world of Kialo Edu, child of Kialo, a site for creating debates in the classroom. These debates may be useless for some students but they develop critical and cognitive thinking skills.

Discussions and debates without proof within are not as effective with evidence. Students can share their points and ideas with supporting arguments to level up their discussion. Strong discussion with effective contributions of students learning remotely help with online class become interactive.

Classkick – Create Interactive Content

Heavy content is the cause of students’ disinterest in education and online learning. Teachers too struggle with creating content that engages students. To ease the life of teachers, Classkick would be a great addition to teaching tools. Classkick lets teachers upload content and enables students to draw, add text and audio to the content. Teachers can view the editing and activity of students and help the online class takers to provide real-time feedback.

Adobe Capture – Redesign Your Content

Add a creative flair to your content material with Adobe Capture. It lets you design content with attractive colors and fonts for an immersive online learning experience with enhanced usability for the students. You can add photos, customize color pallets accordingly, create customized color combinations and designs to inspire students to develop their interest. Make your content visually appealing with Adobe Capture featuring font identification.


Online learning has made education accessible and effective than ever with such tools in the market. Education collaborating with technological tools is the greatest revolution in history. Despite the agonizing pandemic experience, the teachers stood strong and gave all of them to make the learning continue and active than ever.

Let us take some time to appreciate the efforts of teachers who are rapidly making strategies to improve online learning and its effectiveness. Students might complain about the harshness of the pandemic but they too realize the efforts and comprehend the teacher’s leniency towards them.

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