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The Best M65 Field Jackets For Men!

The M-1965 jackets, commonly known as M65 Field Jackets among the general public, are recently the epitome of fashion in the jackets’ kingdom. They are the best guards against extreme temperatures with the super-sleek straight front design. Initially known as the military uniform of America, it is now the first choice of a common man seeking some style. There are many kombat uniforms styles available in the market these days. They have a full-proof tendency of being water as well as wind repellent, and honestly, no one can say no to these stylish jackets. If you are looking for some good-quality M65 field jackets, then here is a list of some of the best;

  • M65 Field Coat Jacket by Propper:

M65 Field Jacket By Popper

 This coat is the perfect depiction of a classic field coat with a very direct design. It is crafted with a 50/50 blend of cotton and nylon to give the wearer a light feeling. The exterior has an outer water repellent shell that stays tough against all kinds of dirt and moisture. Propper has designed the collar in a stand-up style with hood packs. 

The waist area is styled with a removable drawstring on the inner side. The highlighting trait of this M65 coat is the quilted lining, which is removable and closes in entirely. You can wear the jacket with its original lining or add a separate quilted lining, and the choice is yours.

  • M-65 Jacket by the Legendary, Alpha Industries:

M65 Jacket By Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is known for being the wardrobe designer of the US military since 1959. They have been crafting M-65 Jackets for over five decades now, and there is no doubt in saying that they are the maestros of this field. Their Heritage jacket displays the same classic style with epaulets present on the shoulders. The large-sized M-65 field jacket has a hood embellished with strings. There are multiple pockets as well present on the outside and the inside. 

The jacket has the ability to stay resistant against rain and air and comes with an additional lining, which makes it the toughest coat for winter. The removable lining is made of extremely light nylon fabric.

  • M-65 Classic Jacket by Brandit:

Field Jacket By Brandit

Brandit has emerged as a brand that excelled in making M-65 jackets over the years. Their classic jacket suits the wearer naturally, with a unique edge in 9 amazing colors! The jacket is also easily washable in the washing machine. The jacket features a comfy yet compact quilted detachable lining, which increases the warmness of the jacket even more. 

The stunning jacket has diamond extensions embedded on the cuffs so that your wrists stay dry even when you expand your hand. Don’t feel repelled by the non-DWR feature of this M-65 jacket, as its natural material has enough tendency to get you safe and sound from a heavy time for a substantial amount of time.

  • M-65 Field Jacket by Rothco:

Rotcho M65 Jacket

The M-65 field jackets created by Rothco focus mainly on the specifications that feel composed and authentic. It is crafted with a water-resistant fabric available in a blend of cotton and polyester to keep the wearer dry and cozy even in the toughest weather. A hood and a zippered collar are also present in these jackets. 

This M-65 jacket is geared up with a lining made of quilted polyester fabric, which is so lightweight that you can wear it in mild weather as well. This jacket can be worn throughout the year. The prominent features include the exterior shell button with the liner, a snap-button collar, and epaulets in the button-down design.

  • Genuine M65 Jacket by Helikon:

Genuine M65 Jacket by Helikon

Helikon came up with their unique brand identity of creating ‘NyCo’ in the M-65 field jackets. It refers to a fabric containing a 50/50 combination of nylon and cotton. The material is tough, sturdy, warm, rain and air-resistant, and features so many distinct traits. The strings are present in multiple areas of the jacket; the collar is made in the classic style.

The lining of this M65jacket is removable and can be conveniently buttoned back. You can also go for no extra liner and stay with the natural lining of the jacket, and it depends on the temperature. Helikon is the synonym of the word ‘high-quality,’ so no doubt about anything!

  • Multi-tarn M65 Jacket by Miltec:

Multi-tarn M65 Jacket by Miltec

This M-65 jacket is stylish as well as very effective. You will find the perfect combination of traditional military vibes and modern touch in this jacket; it features an adjustable stand-up collar, closed flaps on the front, tough brass made zipper, and a string attached hood. The jacket is constructed with a fabric blended with polyester and cotton, having the perfect water-resistant feature. The jacket has its lining with an additional quilted lining for extreme cold weather. It is easily washable as well.

  • Vintage M-65 Field Jacket by Rothco:

Vintage M-65 Jacket by Rothco

Want the appearance of a vintage soldier? This M-65 vintage field jacket by Rothco has got your back. This classic jacket speaks for itself. As compared to other trendy M-65 jackets, this jacket will stand out from all of them for a million years. The iconic M-65 jacket has a total of 4 pockets in different regions. The prominent feature of this jacket is the collar, and it is in a revered design, just like from old times. It is crafted of the softest cotton fabric with a hood and epaulets on the shoulders. 

  • Men’s M-65 Giant Jacket by Brandit:

Men’s M-65 Giant Jacket by Brandit

Now, coming back to the recent time. This M-65 jacket by Brandit is the perfect depiction of when the class meets modern. You can guess it by the name, and the jacket comes as oversized, so always go for a size down. They are available with larger cut sides, too, allowing the wearer to go for some thick layers for the base.

This M65 Field Jacket is deliberately kept in a baggy style with an adjustable inner lining made of the softest fleece-sherpa material. It is crafted of cotton. So, if you want a vintage look with just the right amount of modern vibe, this distressed patched jacket is your final destination.

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