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Home Improvement

The different types of home extensions

Of course, owning your own home has many advantages. However, it also has some disadvantages. Indeed, your needs change day by day, and your home may unfortunately no longer be fully adapted to your life. In these specific cases, the question of the resale of the house may arise. That implies the fact of having to take many steps.However, if the nature of your property and your property lends itself to it. It may be that choosing a house extension is an excellent idea to avoid all these steps and even to save money.You may contact Best House Extension Builder in Leicester.

In this article, we will introduce you to the four kinds of home extensions that currently exist.

As you will see, one of them may be right for you. In a few minutes, you will therefore know precisely which project is possible for you, and what approximate budget you should devote to it. All you have to do then is start the various mandatory steps to enlarge the living space of your home. You can contact Best House Extension Builder in Leicester

Raised house extension

The raised house extension is one of the most common because it brings a lot of added value to the house.

Indeed, thanks to this process, it is possible to gain tens of additional square meters.For example, if your current home is single storey and has an area of ​​80 m², you can increase to 160 m² by creating a full-length extension.However, such an extension is relatively expensive, although it is cheaper than if you were to buy a larger house.In addition, a project of this type is subject to a few rules that it is imperative to know beforehand.If you choose this type of extension, be aware that you do not have to use the same material as your current walls.

However, you must absolutely take care to keep the same degree of inclination of your roof.

To carry out this work, you will have to call on a specialized company which will carry it out in one to two days at most.It effectively saves square meters in length, to create a garage, an additional room or to build a veranda in a kit  form, for example.

It is possible to create this type of extension yourself, but it is true that it requires a lot of time and know-how, even if the cost price is ultimately much more acceptable than what you would be charged by a professional.

This type of extension can also be of any material such as wood, concrete block or glass for example.

Excavated house extension

The principle of extending a house through excavation is very old. But it is also one of the cheapest. It effectively makes it possible to recover all the space lost by a cellar to gain habitable square meters. If this solution seems interesting to you, be aware that it is not always possible, even if you already have a cellar.

Indeed, the latter must meet specific criteria.

Indeed, the ceiling height must be at least 1.80 m² in order to comply with the Carrez law.

Below this, you would certainly gain square meters, but this surface would not be considered habitable, and would therefore have very little resale value. You can contact Best House Extension Builder in Leicester.

Attic conversion

The conversion of the attic is the most affordable and easiest project to carry out.

Indeed, even if you have little knowledge of DIY. It is possible to achieve a very nice result without spending thousands of euros. Indeed, the principle is to gain additional square meters by fitting out your attic.Again, make sure of the ceiling height in order to respect the Carrez law. Depending on the size of your home, the area gained can be very large.

But what is very interesting is that the exterior of your house will remain unchanged. It means that you will not have to apply for a building permit at the town hall.

Extending your home can satisfy a need for additional space or bring real added value to your home. Whatever the reasons, you have several solutions to make your house extension project a reality. In many respects, the installation of a veranda makes it possible to find a suitable, reliable and economical answer.

The “Classic” house extension facing the installation of a made-to-measure veranda

The house extension can take the form of an additional wing, an outbuilding, or even an elevation to create a new floor. The implementation of the work and the complexity of this type of site have an obvious cost for the owners. The development time is also longer. Consequently, this can lead to daily inconveniences, especially in terms of noise pollution and the impossibility of disposing of your property as you wish. Added to this is also uneven or impassable terrain during construction.

Like building a home, creating a home extension is far from easy. Do not neglect the standardization work as well as the expertise of a professional to look into the aesthetic constraints and integration into the habitat. So many obstacles that generate additional costs. The precautions to be taken are all the most restrictive to ensure the quality of the finished product. The competitive offer of promoters is also a selection criterion in order to ensure this.

It is therefore recommended and preferable to favor the installation of a veranda. In addition to a wide choice of customizable models. This type of extension is suitable for both modern and traditional architectures. Whatever the area available, experts ensure a quick and viable installation to have a new living room without having to suffer the disadvantages of a classic construction project. The layout takes into account the particularities of your home, the specifics of the terrain, but also the interior configuration. You can thus enjoy a place of relaxation or work with multiple uses.

Why prefer the installation of a customizable veranda?

Thanks to its aesthetic and practical qualities, the veranda stands out as a real extension of a modern house. The aluminum structure guarantees solidity and safety. Akena Verandas offers various tailor-made models to adapt the criteria of insulation, comfort and performance. From the choice of gazing to the selection of the roof, without forgetting the number of openings to be integrated, the flexibility of our offer allows you to modulate your project of an annex room as you wish.

A place to live and share, a space dedicated to work or leisure. A room intended for well-being or for recharging one’s batteries. From the office to the guest bedroom, via the shelter for an indoor swimming pool. There are many ideas to make your veranda a place that suits you. Each use is taken into consideration at the level of the configuration of the veranda models. The integration into the house and the architectural coherence of the whole. For this last point, the selection of colors, ornamental accessories and the dressing of the facade occupy a prominent place in your preferences.

Other layouts are also possible for your modern or traditional home extension project. The presence of rolling shutters and secure openings makes the veranda a structure resistant to intrusion attempts. The roof can act as a skylight and, if necessary, be equipped with blackout elements to better control interior light and ambient temperature. Finally, the aluminum beams can accommodate lighting dvices to enjoy the veranda day and night.

By focusing on the cost of the project, its assembly time, the addition of a veranda makes it possible to make a tailor-made and reliable house extension in all respects. This is without taking into account the many advantages that such a project offers compared to a conventional construction.


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