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Tips for conducting online exams using online examination software

Online examination software has become popular, which is a direct result of the closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Technological like coaching class management software advancement in education helps to grow .But, undoubtedly, the education and learning process cannot be interrupted. And it wasn’t. It’s thanks to our online exam software that helped us keep the training course going. There are several ways to take an online exam using the online examination software.

For some students, taking an online test is a new and somewhat embarrassing experience. They don’t know what to expect and aren’t sure of the skills and strategies to do their best. FYI, the many steps you need to take to complete an online exam are very similar to the ones you take when preparing for an exam in class. However, there are some differences in the online environment that require some additional awareness and preparation.

Here are some tips for conducting online examination using online exam software.

Set of exercises

Use the online library’s question bank to create practice tests for students. Online practice exams help students improve their subjects. You can also choose to automate this process with these online exam software. This massive reserve is also helpful for students. It is directly accessible to students using the online exam software. You can also practice the question yourself.

Automated test evaluation

These online exams are automated and are less prone to errors. There are no errors. Safer than pen and paper exams. Try the question bank packaged with an online exam software subscription. This allows teachers to set up a variety of practice tests and short assignments in virtually any subject. These online tests are also very useful for students.

Stay online during major exams

During the online exam, you need to stay online to help students in real time if they have any technical issues that may arise online test generator helps teachers to save time .This greatly while taking the exam. Also, it helps  question paper generator or online test generator create a question in a second. It simplifies the testing process for students using online testing software.

Write instructions

Always write instructions for online exams. And make sure that your online test doesn’t start before your students read the instructions carefully. Most online exam software has this built in. It helps reduce human error due to the online nature of the exam.It supports this feature and helps to improve users’ online exam experience.

Track student progress

You can easily save your responses and results, and you are less likely to get confused or lost when using online exam software. Understand your students’ strengths and weaknesses using the performance reports provided after every online exam. Online exam software such as It provides detailed analysis to students who can help teachers understand their weaknesses and strengths. And stay updated on the progress of the various topics and topics.

Asking mixed questions

You should ask mixed questions to reduce the likelihood of cheating and negligence during the online exam. Students are tested holistically using both MCQ and subjective questions. You can use those methods to test how well they understand the concept. Teachers must create tests of varying difficulty levels. Long and short answer questions are mixed with MCQ to test students in all respects.

Choosing a safe online test software

There are many online exam software available that you can use to conduct secure online exams. Software like It provides a testing platform to automatically oversee the entire process. A security test window appears that prevents candidates from snooping on other websites during the exam. The order of the questionnaire can be predefined or randomly assigned depending on your selection.

Get a demo

Always choose a demo from an online exam software company. These companies offer their software as a service and should provide the same demo.  Have lots of videos and how-to guides available to both teachers and students. This guide is helpful for features on all platforms. You can also request a live demo of the online exam software from an expert and use the free platform to do some exams.

Give your students time to learn the platform

It’s a good idea to give your students enough time to learn the online exam software. Start testing a week early and allow your students to become familiar with the online testing software. They can take a practice test or practice test to understand what the actual exam will be like. It helps you get rid of all the small technical errors that occur because you use online software to do the exam.


Online exams are different from pen and paper exams. However, after the rise of the online space, online exams have become one of the more practical ways to conduct exams. It is cost effective. It also reduces the burden on students to visit the test center. It also minimizes human intervention and automates the institution’s entire testing process. When using online exam software like MegaExams, you don’t even need to set up a question. Online exam software can generate automated question papers. You can also customize the question paper and add questions. After that, you can randomize the same order. Best of all, there are so many possibilities when using online exam software to conduct online exams. The future of online exams is brightening every day. And this growth is exponential, especially due to the epidemic. Online exam software is becoming more and more flexible and technologically advanced. Several online testing software are using AI-enabled systems to create a secure testing platform. One of these online exam software is MegaExams. Follow the tips mentioned above for an error-free evaluation.


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