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Does Flutter App Development Cost Less Than Other Cross-platform Developments?

Are you tired of testing and evaluating technologies for your cross-platform mobile app development? 

It is a bit simple to opt for cross-platform app development that covers multiple platforms in a single app development cost. However, when it comes to selecting the technology that writes code quickly, complies with your app ideas, reduces risks, and saves time and money at the same time. It gets complicated. There are a number of technologies enough to get your head spins.

But thanks to the other’s experiences that manifest and suggest to you which technology works on what type of apps. Given such experiences, we draw this blog concerning one technology, Flutter. Yes, that Google’s Flutter. It is becoming a ruler in the realm of cross-platform app development like the Mother-of-Dragons in the Game of Thrones. The number of Flutter App Development companies is also widening up to a great extent.

So, before the question, “How much does Flutter app development cost?” pop into your mind, better hurry to know the average cost to develop a Flutter app with some examples. Right? Let’s go then…

Average Flutter App Development Cost

App development is an accumulation of a set of factors. These factors are paramount for every app development that you cannot miss any. The same factors affect, determine, and fluctuate the cost of your mobile app development. So, let’s have a glimpse at those factors before unleashing the average Flutter app development cost.

  • The Features and the functionality of the app
  • App designing and developing
  • Kind of the App
  • App Complexity level
  • Development team demographics
  • Requirements for supporting platforms
  • The overall development time span
  • Maintenance of the App (considered 20% of total cost)

After thorough research on different apps and statistics, we have picked three most-talked application types to take as examples. We will take a $50/hour rate as it can be considered an average rate globally. Given software development rates start from $25 and go up to $200+ in some countries.


Type of App Basic Features Approx time-span Average Cost ($50/h)







Sign up 462 – 632 hours $23,100 – $31,600
Sign in (by email and Facebook)
Push notifications
User profile
Payment system
Ride booking
Ride payment + coupons
Driver’s side








Sign up 760 – 914 hours $38,000 – $45,700
Sign in (by email and Facebook)
Personal profile
Search system
Streaming protocols
Player integration
Stream management (launch/shutdown, set bitrate)
Donation system
Payment gateway
Channel management
Push notifications







Registration 699 – 950 hours $34,950 – $47,500
Sign in
Sending media files
Voice Messages
Group chats
Voice calls


Note: The above-mentioned costs are for basic applications with features you can see in the table. (If you are convinced already, then hire flutter developers from here:) and if you are not, please keep continue)

Why is Flutter Mobile App Development Cost competitive over other developments?

Flutter Mobile App Development Cost

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform framework, but so are the many frameworks; then how Flutter reduces overall development cost? It’s a good question. Flutter has properties that allow you to accomplish your project with high performance affordably. Flutter is optimized to create cross-platform apps, even 2D mobile apps that can run on both Android and iOS.

Flutter codebase

Programmers can compile and deploy the Flutter app codebase to iOS, Android, web (in beta), and desktop (macOS is in alpha, Linux, and Windows are in development). Besides, developers can write platform-specific code in the Flutter app by inspecting the defaultTargetPlatform property or call platform-specific APIs. Consequently, it reduces the time consumed in developing and testing the application on various platforms that significantly reduces costs. 

Flexible with All types of Apps

Whether it is impressive interactivity or brand-first design your app needs, Flutter has got you everything at the same cost. Further, you can use device features like a Native app, including a camera, microphone, geolocation, and network storage. 

Hot Reloading 

As a hot reload allows developers to see the outcome of their code changes right away, it’s an exceptional time-saving feature.  Flutter’s dependency management system, Pub, helps developers when the app size increases. The Pub is a package manager consisting of reusable libraries and packages for Dart programming languages. It eliminates the need to write redundant code in application development and results in cost savings.

Test-effective Cost-effective 

Testing is an integral part of the software development life cycle. Quality analysts apply various testing methods to ensure the app runs smoothly on every platform and device. The testing process gets longer and consumes time as well as cost. In Flutter, on the other hand, QA does not have to run testing separately, as it uses the same code for different platforms.

Flutter also possesses beneficial testing characters, for example; 

  • UI Widget testing performs testing at each level as a unit and verifies every widget’s UI looks and interacts as anticipated.
  • Flutter Driver interacts with rendered components and allows you to verify the app’s screens render everything properly on different screen sizes and language-wise.
  • Integration Test verifies the app’s performance and if the tested widgets and services work together as required.

By saving tons of work for quality analysts, Flutter reduces the testing time that directly cuts down the overall app development cost.

Flutter and Firebase 

The duo of Flutter and Firebase is handy for developing a mobile application in record time. It is easy and cost-effective to integrate Firebase that comes with various benefits. It gives you access to back-end services such as authentication, cloud functions, cloud storage, databases, and hosting without requiring you to maintain your own server. Furthermore, it comes with affordable subscription plans that are cost-effective compared to maintaining your own server.

Flutter Giveaways: What you get with Flutter Development Cost 

  • Compelling Digital Experience: Thanks for implementing the design specifications meticulously by the team, making it easy to create compelling digital UI experiences across platforms. Besides, Human Interface Design Specifications for iOS implemented by widgets allow you to obtain a “Native feel” on iPhone and iPad as well. 
  • Abundance Widgets: Flutter is known for its widgets that allow you to achieve nearly everything for rendering crisp experience and UI with a native feel on Android and iOS – be it App bar, Snackbar, Scaffold, Drawer, etc.
  • Increasing Open-Source Packages: There is already an extensive catalog of open-source packages available that is growing by leaps and bounds with the Flutter dev community and their contributions.
  • Flutter cares for IDEs choice: Coding with Flutter is fun with your (developers) favorite IDEs as it is flexible with various Integrated Development Environments, including Android Studio, VS Code, IntelliJ, etc.
  • Choose the Themes that suits your Platforms: Flutter permits you to exert different themes for different platforms, plus, its integrations with code magic, 2D animations enable you to create spontaneous UI and animations with ease.
  • Flutter on Web and Desktop: Flutter Hummingbird is for building web apps with the ease of building mobile apps. In other words, you can use the same code to develop apps for mobile, desktop, and the web with ease.

It would be our pleasure to assist you further with any solutions related to Flutter App Development Cost. We can even look into your idea to estimate the cost of your Flutter project. So, feel free to contact us!


Sanjay Kidecha is the CMO of Kody Technolab, a Web & Mobile App Development Company. He loves to explore and write on latest web & Mobile App Development Trends, Digital Marketing Trends, Startups, Entrepreneurship.

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