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Massage – 7 Reasons Why You Should Get One Today

Massage therapy is the most ancient healing technique used by mankind. The healing power of a soothing touch has many more health benefits than the regular perception of it. As new studies have been uncovering the therapeutic effects of massage. The popularity is on the rise.

Once you figure out what you want from a massage – pain management or maybe just a regular spa-experience?. We recommend that you go to American Massage Therapy’s therapist locator and find yourself a professional and licensed therapist. We recommend checking the official site because only the most professional and qualified therapists make it on the website.

Maintaining a massage regime, can get complicated with the current covid situation. Moreover, letting someone place hands on your body is an incredibly personal thing.

It is always a good idea to ask about the precautions your therapist is taking to reduce the risk of covid 19. A good experience is always about communication. The more you are able to communicate what works for you and what doesn’t. The better your massage experience is going to be.

It is a common practice for therapists to start the communication to make you feel comfortable. They would probe about your expectations with the London tantric massage session. They will also ask you to which level you are comfortable being undressed.

Always remember your massage therapist in Temecula CA expects you to speak up if anything feels uncomfortable or going beyond your borders by any means. Think of your experience with the massage as a partnership. The more input and effort you put in to make the experience delightful and tailored to your needs. The better it is going to turn out.

7 Benefits of Massage

If you keep finding yourself in a spa because you enjoy the experience, it’s a pretty good reason to keep on getting a massage in itself .But if you ever were curious if all these massages meant more than a rub-down. You would be pleased to know that these can be really helpful for a number of conditions depending on your particular circumstances

There are still many medical studies underway that are assessing the medical benefits of this ancient therapy. Some of which require further research and proof to claim massage therapy as a cure. But it can definitely be established that it can be used as an alternating therapy for many conditions.

So you can definitely use massage to relieve an occasional headache or stomach ache. It would be a good idea if you consult a professional to see if you would be able to use massage therapy as an alternating therapy.

Or you can just keep reading on and learn some of the most unknown benefits of massage.

1. Improves Blood Circulation:

Clients usually underestimate the long-term benefits of massage therapy. Getting a massage on a consistent basis can improve blood circulation in your body. Having a healthy blood pressure is the gateway to providing oxygen rich blood that is filled with nutrients from any injury or accident.

When appropriate pressure is applied on your muscles by your therapist. It can also help the lymphatic system drain the toxins and pathogens from your body efficiently. The lymphatic system can get clogged due to excess metabolic waste away from your muscles and organs.

2. Improves Posture:

Majority of people have chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain issues. It is important to realize that all chronic pain can somehow be linked to poor posture. According to studies, chronic back pain is the biggest cause of disability and days off in the United States. Being overweight and engaging in activities that require repetitive positions and movements can make your back pain worse.

Massage therapy can help put the body back into its natural state. A therapist can work on your sore muscles loosening the muscle knots and spasms that you may have. This allows your body to relax and go back into its natural state. This also helps you gain greater range of motion.

3) Helps with Back Pain

The biggest reason why patients are drawn to massage therapy is neck and back pain. According to a study published by the Annals of internal Medicine. 401 participants who received weekly 10 or more relaxation or structural massage sessions experienced alleviated back and neck pain levels. These results surpassed the placebo group that was only receiving anti-inflammatory medicines and physical therapy. The benefits of these sessions lasted over 12 months in the patients. Many massage chairs have been developed with the goal of providing relief to back pain. If you are looking for some massage chairs to get help with back pain problems. You can check some massage chair recommendations by Homensense.

4) Increases Intimacy Between Couples

Physical touch is not just a means to feel good, but it can help you establish a stronger bond with your partner. Massage is a great exercise for couples who are having intimacy issues. Studies have found couples massage beneficial for both the receiver and the giver. So if you’re looking for a stronger bond with your partner. Perhaps, a massage routine could be a good couples activity rather than just watching netflix together. So get your massage oils ready and prepare your partner for a treat.

5) Fibromyalgia pain management

Massage therapy by no means has been proven a cure for fibromyalgia. But patients that are going through chronic pain and symptoms of memory and sleep can get relief from the severeness of this condition by implementing massage as a complementary therapy. It is important that you discuss your current condition with a professional and licensed massage therapist and your doctor. Because sometimes in certain conditions it might end up making the pain worse for the patients. Which is why communicating about your condition and taking advice is crucial before proceeding with massage for fibromyalgia.

6) Alleviates Tension Headaches

We all can relate with the pain that comes with headaches. Nearly everyone has gone through one in their lifetime. Tension headaches can range from medium to severe intensity. According to Mayoclinic, a tension headache is really common. But it’s main cause is yet to be understood.

The sensation of a tension headache is defined as an unwanted tight band around your head, by Mayoclinic. Massage therapy can help you overcome tensed muscles in your head, neck and shoulders. Which can help with headaches.

It is also important that you are able to differentiate between migraines and headaches. The difference between the two is minimal and often missed by many. Many forms of migraines can come with nausea or vomiting. But this is not the case with tension headaches.

Another way to distinguish the two is physical activity. If your pain worsens when you’re standing up or changing positions. You most likely have a migraine, because physical activity does not affect a tension headache.

7) Improves ADHD

ADHD can start being prominent in childhood and can last your whole adulthood. Children with ADHD can be extremely active or they can have a hard time paying attention or controlling impulsive behaviors (acting without assessing the situation or taking into account the result).

Regular massage sessions are found to be helpful with ADHD. A study conducted to gauge the effects of massage vs recreation therapy on ADHD kids found that kids who took massage sessions for two weeks straight were more attentive in class. Teachers also reported less-squirmy and more on-task behavior from massage therapy students than students receiving the placebo therapy.

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